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Today’s Verse:

And I gave Gilead unto Machir. ~Deuteronomy 3:15


This morning, our devotion centers itself on a character that most people know little to nothing about. His name is referred to sixteen times in the Old Testament. His name is Machir (pronounced “maker”). He is the grandson of the patriarch Joseph. He figures prominently in Israel’s history from the wilderness journeys to the possession of the land. Let us see some inspiring things this morning about Machir.

We see Machir and he was sold.

Machir’s name means “sold” or “salesman.” That seems to be an odd name for a son. However, he was the grandson of Joseph, the son of Manasseh, and was born in Egypt. His name could have been a prophetic forecast of the bondage of Israel in Egypt that would come. However, I believe Manasseh looked at this son and thought about the struggles he might have had growing up, and fittingly gave him a name that identified his ownership. I believe his name points to the two most important people in his life: God and family. First, he was sold out to God. Being sold out to God means he owns you completely and no others have any reservations on your life. Secondly, he was sold out to his family. He was committed to his family’s wellbeing many years even after his passing. He was a man who invested into his family so that they have an important role in Israel’s formation. He was sold out to God and family.

We see Machir and his success.

The area of Gilead was a rugged, but fertile area controlled by giants until the confrontation with Og. Israel’s success over Og opened the door for land acquisition. The area of Gilead was given to Manasseh or specifically to Machir. He conquered this area once overrun by giants. He accepted the inheritance of Gilead from Moses, and went and subdued the area. When Moses gave Machir Gilead, he gave him a large mountain area. Machir had to eradicate all giants, take possession of the entire area, and let all the remaining inhabitants know all of Gilead was under new management. He exercised faith towards his success. He exercised strategy in his success. He exercised competence in his success. He exercised foresight and prudence in his success. Success does not come by accident or by chance. Prayer, faith, availability, and a spirit of determination are necessary for us to be successful.

We see Machir and his son.

Machir was the father of Gilead. Gilead achieved great prominence for the rugged, courageous manliness of the men they brought forth. The men of Gilead were men of war. Men like Jephthah and Elijah were among its men of prominence. These men were not easy quitters. They could withstand hardship and rejection. They were shepherd men who kept watch over their flocks by night. They lived on high altitudes and cold windy nights. Machir raised sons who knew God, worshipped God, and could get a hold of God. Machir was a man of war, and instilled the character of a good and godly man into Gilead. In a spiritual application, as God uses us to bring many sons to glory, we must raise a generation of men who love God, take a stand for him, and will be the spiritual backbone of the next generation.

Machir inspires us as a father, leader, and believer. He is relatively unknown, but his deeds and descendants speak volumes to us about his life and work.

What are you sold to? Be a Machir, and be sold out to God and family.

Have a committed God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Joel

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