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A Father Figure

Today’s Verse:

But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John. ~Luke 1:13


When we think of men who made a great impact during their generation, we sometimes ask the question, “Who was his father?” John the Baptist was a powerful preacher who definitely made a profound impact during his short lifespan. However, I am not sure many people remember the name of his father. Zacharias, John’s father, is only mentioned in Luke 1. What we are told about him are lessons that are too valuable for us to pass up. Let us consider the man who was the father of one of the greatest prophets ever.

We see Zacharias, the man.

Zacharias is mentioned to us as a godly servant and husband. He was a priest who served his office faithfully, day in and day out. He and his wife Elisabeth are referred to as being righteous and blameless. They lived in a society that was filled with corruption and wickedness, yet they lived for the Lord. It’s important that we never forget that the most important thing about us is our character. Lose that, and we have lost credibility and respect. Protect your character! Live a life free of blame and scandal.

We see Zacharias and a miracle.

At the right moment, Zacharias received a glorious message from one of God’s angels. This message told him that he and Elisabeth would be the proud parents of a son who would be mighty in the eyes of God. Zacharias and Elisabeth were unable to have children. The message of a son being born to them was nothing short of a miracle message. The angelic announcement was powerful, descriptive, encouraging, and certain. We must be people who are careful to heed the messages of God. You never know when God will give you a special announcement that could change the lives of other people. You never know if the next message that you hear will be one where a miracle might be in the works through your life.

We see Zacharias and his mistake.

Zacharias was in disbelief. His question to the angel placed a question mark where God had exclamation marks. He doubted God’s ability of enabling him and Elisabeth to bear a child. He doubted the idea that he would have a son who would possess such spiritual magnitude. Our greatest deficiency is limiting God from working through us. We ask, “Can God?” when we should be saying, “God can!” Our lack of faith at the critical moment hinders God from advancing His work. Is your faith so small that it is limiting God? Are you telling God that it cannot be done?

We see Zacharias and his modification.

God muted Zacharias' tongue during the entire nine-month maternity period. When John was born, well-meaning people suggested that the baby be named after his father. However, Zacharias took a pad and wrote down that the boy’s name would be John. When he did this, the people were surprised and his tongue was immediately loosened. He made a correction to his unbelief. He got right with God and realigned his faith with what God said He would do. He accepted God’s plan and embraced it with enthusiasm. Think of what God will do with you when you make the needed modifications to your faith and trust in His plan for you.

We see Zacharias and his memorial.

His name means “remembered of Jehovah.” He realized that God never forgets us. He is a memorial to us that God has His timetable and plan. We must wait and be on board with God. His greatest legacy was John’s birth and impact. Obedience and faith have an impact that lives beyond our lifetime.

Consider the life of Zacharias and how he embodies a father figure. Don’t limit God! Wait on Him and let Him do what He does best.

Have a God-glorifying God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Colossians 1-4

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