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A Father's Children

Today’s Verse:

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. ~3 John 4


Being a parent is a big thing. As a parent, you are vested with the responsibility of raising your children in such a way that they will make the right choices in life and, most importantly, develop a relationship with God as their Savior and Lord. The Apostle John was a spiritual father to the believers at the church of Ephesus. His top priority as their pastor was giving them a thorough and steady feeding of God’s Word. He was completely satisfied and blessed in receiving the good reports of their progress and productivity. His greatest joy was in knowing that the ones he had spiritual responsibility for were walking in the truth.

There is a father’s doctrine.

A father must have good doctrine in order for his children to walk in truth. His doctrine is the Word of God. Doctrine is the core beliefs that we have and hold. It is the fundamentals of our faith. It is the foundation of our faith. A father’s doctrine is godly. A father’s doctrine is good. A father’s doctrine is a goldmine. Doctrine makes you appreciate the why and what about the worship of God. Doctrine protects you from being led astray into that which is false. Doctrine must be received and upheld.

There is a father’s desire.

A godly father desires his children to turn out right. More than being honest, more than being polite, more than attaining good grades, and more than being financially successful, a godly father desires his children to walk in the light, walk with the Lord, and walk in the truth of the Word of God. Walking in the truth means they accept the authority of God’s Word in their life. It means they have a tender heart to all of its commands. It means they will not let any of God’s Word fall to the ground. They hide it in their heart. They share its truth with others. They are protected from evil thoughts because of its power.

There is a father’s delight.

John said, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” It is an excellent report to hear that your children believe and obey the Word of God. It is an excellent report to hear that they defend the veracity of the word against evolution, humanism, paganism, and worldly thinking. To know that your children are walking in the truth reflects that your effort in teaching them God’s Word was successful. They have a walk with God that is flourishing. They are claiming its promises and walking by faith. They are trees planted by the rivers of water, where their leaf does not wither and whatsoever they do flourishes.

There are a father’s disciples.

It is a huge blessing to hear that those you have had the opportunity of having taught the Word of God to are continuing in the faith. It is an encouragement to hear that God’s Word has the #1 priority in their life. The goal in discipleship is seeing believers walk in the truth and pass the truth down to subsequent generations of believers.

Take time to invest spiritually in the lives of other believers. Truth is absolute because God is absolute. God’s Word will never pass away. Seek to have the Word of Christ dwell richly in the lives of those you have responsibility for, and give God the glory for what is accomplished in their lives.

Have a joy-filled God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Luke 21-22

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