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A Model Pattern

Today’s Verse:

In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, ~Titus 2:7


Anyone who sews understands the importance of having a pattern to follow. A pattern enables the one sewing to make an exact cutting and to be sure the item being sewn fits the pattern. A pattern is a model that can be reused. It gives assurance that the object being developed is a replica of the underlying pattern. Paul made a strong exhortation to Titus to be a pattern of good works to the believers on Crete. By this, he was encouraging him to be the supreme model for other believers. This morning, let us consider how the pattern of our life makes a good impression on the lives of others.

We see a pattern of sound doctrine.

Our doctrine should indicate a firm and unshakable belief in the Scriptures and that we are not easily moved by trends and winds of false doctrine. We should be ready to give an answer to every man that should ask us of the reason of the hope that is within us. Our doctrine is an indicator of our convictions and the things we hold to very strongly.

We see a pattern of stable devotion.

Our devotion to Christ, the church, fellow believers, and our family should show that we are stable and faithful. We live in a day and age in which it is easier for people to quit than to stay. Let us stay in our marriages, in our families, and in the church. Involvement is a sure way of solidifying devotion. The more involved we are, the greater our devotion. Devotion to anything is a reflection of what you put into it. You cannot withdraw more than you put in without a deficit showing up!

We see a pattern of spirited duty.

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” We should be an example of having a can-do attitude. We should be an example of doing things with excellence. We should be an example of going the second mile whenever we are asked to do something. Our duty should indicate that we love what we do and can’t wait to do it.

We see a pattern of supportive dialogue.

Paul said, “Sound speech, that cannot be condemned....” Let us be careful not to say things that could come back to haunt or incriminate us. Our speech should not be seditious, scornful, inflammatory, critical, or contradictory. It should be speech that edifies and builds up. It should be a soft answer instead of words of harshness.

“In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works.” Our goal is to make a good and lasting impression with our works and our words. The stamp of our life should result in others living Christ-honoring lives who, likewise, are an impression on others.

What kind of pattern are you? Take some time this morning to evaluate the kind of impact you are making with your life.

Have an exemplary God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Ruth 1-4

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