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A Strong Tower

Today’s Verse:

But there was a strong tower within the city, and thither fled all the men and women, and all they of the city, and shut it to them, and gat them up to the top of the tower. ~Judges 9:51


In ancient times, cities would fortify themselves by building walls to protect them from the attack of hostile forces. They would also build a strong tower that would be a last-resort type of refuge and place of safety if the wall were breached and the people could not withstand the enemy. The wicked son of Gideon made an attack on the city of Thebez and sought to conquer it and the people. When it was apparent that he took the city, the surviving inhabitants ran into a strong tower for safety. This morning, we will see the importance of a strong tower in our lives.

We see a raging conflict.

Attacks from the enemy are a reality that all of us face. Jesus exhorted us to watch and pray, lest we enter into temptation. Peter reminds us that we are to be sober and vigilant, for our adversary the devil walks about, seeking whom he may devour. Satan has his demons ready to shoot their fiery darts at us day and night: when we are watching and when we are not watching; when we are strong and when we are weak. We must always be on guard against the attacks from our enemies of the world, the flesh, and the devil. We must be watchmen always standing guard and watching in front of us and behind us for the attack of the enemy.

We see a robust covering.

When the city of Thebez was attacked and taken, the citizens were prepared and ready to flee into the strong tower. That strong tower was built to withstand arrows being shot at it, rocks being hurled at it, and battering rams being thrust against its doors. It was made of very thick stone and was well-fortified against attacks of all kinds from the outside. It served as a refuge, as a safe house, and as a covering no matter what.

We see a rested confidence.

The strong tower of the Christian life is the name of the Lord. “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe” (Proverbs 18:10). The Lord’s name is a powerful and absolute place of refuge and safety for every Christian. He is the Most High God, the Lord God Almighty, the Everlasting God, the Lord our Shepherd, the Lord our Banner, the Lord Who Heals, the Lord our Righteousness, God Who is Holy, God our Helper, God our Savior, God our Hope, God our Peace, the God of all Grace, and God only Wise. His name testifies of His attributes and never-changing faithfulness to us. "From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name is to be praised." Every child of God can find refuge, safety, and peace when he makes the name of the Lord his hiding place.

No matter what you might be going through, run to the name of the Lord and find your safety there. His name will never fail you as a strong tower. His name is a reliable haven when we are under attack. Be careful that you are not running to sources that cannot protect you. Only the Lord’s name will hold us up and keep us safely covered when we are under attack.

Be familiar this year with the names of the Lord. Let the attributes of God encourage you as you watch God work in your life.

Have a safe and protected God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Exodus 33-35

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