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A Write-Up of the Upright

Today’s Verse:

Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness: he is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous. ~Psalm 112:4


Integrity refers to the character, honesty, truthfulness, and virtue of a man. A man of integrity is non-compromising when it comes to his affairs and relationship with others. He is a trusted and respected individual. Another word that describes a man of integrity is upright. Psalm 112 is about the upright man. Upright means he is straight up. He is straight as an arrow. He does not waiver when it comes to his integrity. Let us consider this write-up about the upright man.

We see his being.

He is a man who fears the Lord and keeps His commandments. He is like Job, who was “perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil” (Job. 1:1). He is upright in character, in business dealings, in relationships with members of the opposite sex, in his marriage, with his children, and, most importantly, with God. He is a man firmly entrenched in God’s Word. He is stable and not double-minded. He “sheweth favour, and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion.” He is a good man who loves Jesus and is not ashamed to let people know of his identification with the Lord.

We see his business.

“He is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous.” An upright man is giving. He disperses and gives to the poor. He cares about the needs of other people and goes out of his way to minister to them. He is godly. He prays about what he does. He is stalwart against those who oppose his values and convictions. His righteousness endureth forever. He makes a lasting impact on his generation. He is a man of wisdom and uses his words to build up and not destroy. An upright man makes the gospel his priority. He strives to win people to Christ. He has a Christ-honoring testimony. He is a shining light in a world of darkness.

We see his blessing.

He is blessed in his house and holdings. “Wealth and riches shall be in his house.” He is blessed in his heirs. “His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed.” He is blessed when he is hurting. “Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness.” He is blessed with heroism. “He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD.” He is blessed with honor. Twice we are told that “his righteousness endureth for ever.” He is blessed with holiness. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” His holiness leads others to be closer to the Lord.

The upright man is a man with God’s hand on his life. Our world needs more upright men: men who are like Daniel, who was “faithful, neither was there any error or fault found in him.” Men like Abraham, who was known as the friend of God. Men like John the Baptist, upon whom the spirit of Elijah rested. We see the write-up of an upright man. Be someone who is upright for the Lord!

Have an upright God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Matthew 1-4

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