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Today’s Verse:

Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. ~Acts 26:28


Are you someone who almost made a killing on an investment but did not take a risk? Are you someone who almost became influential, but you did not do everything that was required of you? Almost implies close, but not there. It implies the opportunity was there, but it was turned down. It implies you could have, but you did not do it.

There is the delay in almost.

Almost is procrastination in action. It is putting off for another day what you should have done today. Almost is assuming you have additional opportunities to do what you put off. Almost is assuming that tomorrow will come for you. It has its own priority and moves the most when the benefit of doing something immediately makes sense to you. The devil would rather you put off getting saved, and he tells you that you have more time.

There is the delusion in almost.

People who say “almost” live as though they will live forever. They will not. Saying “almost” for a delusional person is believing that he has all the time in the world to catch up and make the right decision. If we are not careful, we believe the lies of both our flesh and Satan. Almost warps our decision-making so that we do not move with a sense of urgency.

There is the danger in almost.

Almost sends a sinner to Hell. Almost leads to non-productivity and fruitlessness. Almost inhibits the power of God from working in our lives. Almost believes you have lots of time to get saved. Almost leads people to think that they have time to make evil right. Almost puts off doing responsible things like praying, soulwinning, building up other lives, and doing good to others. Almost has prevented good people from serving God as missionaries on foreign soil.

There is the deliverance from almost.

First, if it is important, do it immediately. Second, weigh decisions carefully that are eternal and not temporal in their importance. Realize that now is the accepted time and not tomorrow. Remind yourself that tomorrow may not come and that youmust do everything that you should be doing now.

Are you someone who is always saying “almost”? Why not be moved today and ask God to place a sense of urgency in your heart concerning things that matter most. Do that good work now. Give that special offering now. Go tell someone about Jesus now. Read through your entire Bible now. Make prayer a high priority now. Seek forgiveness and reconciliation now. Get rid of an angry spirit and bitterness now. Say “I love you” to your spouse and children now. Surrender your life to God now. Whatever it may be, don’t live in the highway of almost!

Have a proactive God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Zechariah 1-7

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