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At All Times

Today's Verse:

Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah. ~Psalm 62:8


How much do you trust in God? Is your faith and trust in God most substantial when you have a big trial or major problem in your life? Is your faith and trust in God up and down depending upon the pressure you feel? David made a very important decision and statement about faith and trust. He said, “Trust in him at all times”! Next to getting saved, the biggest decision we need to make in our Christian life is to trust in God at all times.

We must have complete faith in God for the steps in our life.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Most of us like to look as far ahead down the road as possible. We like to plan for our travel and have a contingency plan in place if there is an emergency. However, trusting God for the steps of our life entails having enough light to see the very next step. That sounds too precarious and risky for many of us. However, trusting God for one step at a time teaches us that our path is always safe. The next step is the most important step. Trust in the Lord for every step.

We must have complete faith in God for the setbacks in our life.

We cannot plan for setbacks. In fact, setbacks come as a surprise to us. Setbacks can make us bitter and anxious. However, we must trust in God completely when there is a setback. Setbacks can include being laid off from our job, a reduction in hours, a financial loss, a family illness that requires your attention, or a health diagnosis. Setbacks mess up our plans. However, setbacks teach us to trust in God. Setbacks are realities that come our way. Trust in God at all times, even where there is a setback.

We must have complete faith in God for the success in our life.

When we are successful, we feel like we are on top of the world. It is during our success we develop a sense of independence and feel like we are in control of our fate. As success comes our way, the only way it can be best managed is by trusting in God. First, we must trust in God to help us steward our success carefully. Second, we must trust in God to help us be a blessing through the success He gives us. Third, we must trust in God to show us how to share our success with others. Trust in God at all times, especially when success comes our way.

We must have complete faith in God for the suffering in our life.

When suffering comes, the pain and discomfort are more than we can bear. We go to endless doctor’s visits looking for answers. We go to advisors hoping they will tell us how to get out of our suffering. We get discouraged, sit, and mope about our troubles. We feel like our life has been taken away. Yet, “Trust in him at all times.” Trust in Him that His grace will be sufficient for you in your time of weakness. Trust in Him that His presence will give you comfort. Trust in Him for needed strength day by day. Trust in Him at all times, even in suffering.

We must have complete faith in God for the seasons of our life.

If we live long enough, we will go through various seasons of life. There are the teen years, young adult years, married years, parenting years, middle age, retirement, and advanced years. Trusting God at all times is enjoying the journey of life and realizing that the God of my youth is the God of my advanced years. Don’t let your peers, your prosperity, your perceptions, and your peculiarities shape your faith in God. Trust in Him at all times during the seasons of life.

The pathway of a spiritual life that is blessed is to trust in Him at all times, to pour out your heart before Him, and making God a refuge always for your life.

Have a steadfast God Morning!


Bible Reading Schedule: 1 Kings 12-14

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