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Blot Out

Today’s Verse:

Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. ~Psalm 51:1


One of the most practical and loved inventions that many have used is Wite-Out®. With it, we can blot out mistakes on paper as if the mistake never happened. The correct letters or words can be inserted, and the sentence and document is good to go. David used two words to describe how he wanted God to deal with his sins: “blot out.”

We see the cause.

The reason David prayed this prayer in Psalm 51 is because of his sin. He uses different words to describe the awfulness of his sin. He speaks of his transgressions, which means he crossed a forbidden line. He uses the word sin, which means to miss the mark. He uses the word iniquity, which describes his depravity. Whichever word is used, sin is always bad, evil, offensive, and in need of punishment. David knew that sin broke his fellowship with God and required chastening. David felt awful about his sin and wanted to make his fellowship restored.

We see the compassion.

David speaks about God’s mercy and lovingkindness. Mercy is pity bestowed on us. When we are to be punished, we want mercy and not justice. He appealed to God in His tender love to be sympathetic and loving to him. David knew that God loved him in spite of his sin. He knew he disgraced and dishonored God in what he did. He knew God had to punish his sin, but he also knew that God loved him as his Father. He accepted whatever chastening God would give to him but asked that God’s mercies would forgive and restore him.

We see the cleansing.

David knew that restoration meant he needed cleansing from his sin. He asked God to wash him. He asked God to blot out his sin. He asked God to purge him. He asked that God take hyssop and scrape him clean. Sin defiles us and makes us filthy. We need God to wash us clean. Water and soap cannot cleanse us. We need cleansing from the shed blood of Christ. His blood cleanses us from all sin. Blotting out his sin meant that he was not only exonerated, but he was also expunged. “Blot out” means to remove forever.

We see the completeness.

There is a completeness that we experience when our sins are blotted out. We have a clean heart. The Holy Spirit is no longer grieved. Our fellowship with God is restored. We have a clear conscience. We are able to serve God with effectiveness and wholeness. The joy of our salvation is restored. David wrote Psalm 32 to describe this completeness. He uses the word blessed to describe the happiness that is restored when our sins are forgiven.

Wite-Out® enables us to fix a document. When our sins are blotted out, our soul is fixed and we are washed and cleansed. Search your heart, this morning, to determine what sins of the flesh and spirit need to be confessed and blotted out.

Have a cleansed God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: 1 Chronicles 12-14

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