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Born Again

Today's Verse:

Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. ~1 Peter 1:23


The happiest place to be in a hospital is in the maternity ward where newborn babies are watched and nurtured. These little babies are fun to watch as they try to figure out their surroundings, are nurtured by the parents and the nursing staff, and make the cutest of faces while they are in their cribs. There is another birth that the Bible speaks of. This is the New Birth. Being born again and the New Birth is one and the same. The New Birth is not one that is physical, but one that is spiritual. It is not a rebirth physically, but rather a new life that begins when Jesus Christ is accepted as one’s Savior. "Born again" was a new phrase that Jesus brought into our vocabulary. Let us examine what is the New Birth.

There is the process of the New Birth.

There are two essential agents in the New Birth: the Word of God and the Holy Spirit of God. The Word of God is incorruptible seed that has been well received by the fertile soil of a sinner’s heart. It is seed that is living. God’s Word is quick and powerful. The seed, when received by good soil, desires to abide in the heart of that person and bring about a changed life. The seed, when received by this ready heart, creates faith. The Holy Spirit works through the Word to bring about conviction of sin. This conviction of sin, coupled with faith, leads to a confession of a sinner’s need for salvation from God and an instantaneous conversion. When a sinner calls on the Lord to save him, he is obeying the truth of God’s Word and is purified, or cleansed, from his sins. The New Birth is a supernatural work of God!

There is the priority of the New Birth.

Jesus said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God... Ye must be born again.” Without the New Birth, a sinner cannot be saved and go to Heaven. Without the New Birth, a sinner cannot have his sins forgiven and washed away. Without the New Birth, a sinner cannot become a son of God. The New Birth is an absolute essential! It’s not a new religion, a new family, a new location, a new idea, a new philosophy, a new work, a new church, a new leaf, or anything else that is works-based that saves a sinner from going to Hell. Only the New Birth, or being born again, can assure a sinner of a place in Heaven.

There is the product of the New Birth.

The New Birth results in eternal life: guaranteed and forever. The New Birth results in a saved life. The New Birth places a sinner into the family of God. The New Birth results in complete forgiveness of sins. It makes a sinner a new creature in Jesus Christ: old things are passed away, and all things are become new! The New Birth is the first step in having favor with God.

There is the practice in the New Birth.

The New Birth results in a new heart. We are called to a life of unfeigned love for the brethren. A saved person gives highest priority in loving the brethren or other Christians. A key mark of whether you are really saved is whether you love the brethren. If there is hatred, hostility, and a malicious spirit towards fellow Christians, there is a strong probability that person never got saved. Then, there is a new hunger. Every saved person is called upon to taste and see that the Lord is good. We are to crave the pure milk of the Word of God. Basically, a saved person should desire the things of God.

Peter was addressing people who were supposed to be born again. It is the end product of the preaching of the gospel. He speaks of it in clear terms to be sure that everyone listening was saved. Have you been born again? If not, wouldn’t today be a good day to be sure you have been born again?

Have a heavenly God Morning!


Bible Reading Schedule: 1 Samuel 21-24

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