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  • Alan Fong

Bosom Buddies

Today’s Verse:

I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts. ~Psalm 119:63

As I write this morning’s devotion, I am in Taiwan preaching for my good friend, Dr. Ed Laurena. I consider him a good and trusted friend because of his love for God, his heart for winning souls to Christ, and his spiritual values. We have enjoyed each other’s fellowship the last couple of days and rejoice in speaking of what God wants to do through our lives. In our devotion this morning, the psalmist makes a statement about who his friends in life. He sets for us the criteria for bosom buddies.

We see the camaraderie.

“I am a companion.” The word companion has the idea of a very close relationship. This is someone you trust. This is someone you confide in and ask counsel from. This is someone who walks side by side with you, and not ahead of you. I think it is interesting that when God made Eve, he took a rib from the side of Adam and brought her to him to stand at his side. The psalmist speaks of having friendships where there is camaraderie. Where there is common ground between these friends. Where there is shared vision and pursuits. Where they are protective of the other’s nam