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Come One, Come All!

Today’s Verse:

And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. ~Luke 14:23


Many years ago when my wife and I got engaged, we had to work through the challenge of who to invite to our wedding. We had extensive business, church, family, and social relationships we were on very good terms with. We found our list getting larger and larger. On the day of our wedding, we were honored that several hundred guests attended our event. From the vantage point of an attendee, it looked like our invitation list was “come one, come all.” In our devotion this morning, we see that our Lord desires us to invite as many people as we can to get saved.

We see the elaborate banquet.

We are told that a certain man made a great supper. This man was of immense means. The idea of a great supper was a sumptuous banquet that would accommodate an unlimited number of people. The gospel message and salvation is pictured in this great supper. It is where our spiritual hunger and thirst are satisfied. This banquet pictures celebration, friendliness, salvation, and unlimited blessings. When a sinner comes to Jesus for salvation, all his needs are satisfied by our Lord. He is forgiven of his sins, receives the gift of eternal life, becomes a son of God, and becomes a new creature in Christ. In salvation, God holds nothing back.

We see the extensive beckon.

We are told that this man bade many. This means invitations were sent out early and it was anticipated that everyone invited set this date on their calendar and would be in attendance. All of them received sufficient information to be in attendance. As supper drew near, this host sent his servant to beckon everyone by saying, “Come; for all things are now ready.” “The time is come. Make your way to my home.” God’s invitation to every sinner is firm. He does not leave any sinner with questions in his mind as to what he has been invited to. God knows you by name and invites one and all to hear the gospel and be saved. God’s invitation is final. He does not keep calling over and over, nor does He repackage His invitation to accommodate the sinner. We see a grand invitation for every sinner to be saved.

We see the embarrassing backouts.

Instead of these invitees responding with enthusiasm and expectation, all of them backed out! They made excuses that were foolish and lame. These were excuses that did not make sense. These were excuses that depicted no interest or concern for one’s future destiny. They did not consider that they might not have another opportunity. These invitees had ample time to make plans to attend, but, instead, they declined. None of the excuses were acceptable to the banquet host. We must understand that God does not accept any excuse for rejecting Christ as Saviour.

We see the evangelistic bustle.

There was room for more guests. The banquet host tells his servants to go out into the highways and hedges and compel everyone they see to come to the banquet, so that the house is filled. First, God wants as many people as are willing to go to Heaven. There is ample room in Heaven for more sinners to be saved. Second, God’s servants—you and I—must be moved with a sense of urgency to compel everyone to come in. We must be zealous and fervent in our efforts. We must reach everyone we can with the gospel. We must try to see as many people saved as we can. The great supper is ready and we must see to it that God’s house is filled. “Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled”!

Have an evangelistic God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Galatians 1-3

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