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Dead on Target

Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss. ~Judges 20:16


There are some interesting statistics about left-handed people. They are more likely than right-handed people to have allergies, be insomniacs, and have migraines. They are said to use the right side of the brain the most. They tend to be on the extreme pole of intelligence. They recover faster from strokes than right-handed people. They make up 12% of the world’s population. Men are twice more likely to be left-handed than women. Historically, being left-handed was considered being weak and disadvantaged. We are told something factual about 700 men of Benjamin: every one of these men could sling stones at an hair breadth and not miss. Once they set their sight, they hit their target every time!

These men were elite.

They were a small number compared to the total number of men that served in the military. They are described as 700 men left-handed that could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss. They were few, but among the best. In the Christian life, it is a small minority of believers who are willing to pay the price and live a sold-out life for Jesus. It is only a few who will work at the basics of Christian living in order to achieve consistent victory. They are on target about making a difference for the Lord.

These men were expert.

They were left-handed. To the common person, they were initially thought of as weak and losers. However, they could sling the stones at a hair breath and not miss. We need Christians who strive to be dead on target like these Benjamites. Christians who don’t miss at praying. Christians who don’t miss at bearing the fruit of the Spirit. Christians who don’t miss at winning souls. Christians who don’t miss at being a blessing to their church and fellow Christians. They practice what they do. They sing special numbers that exalt Christ. They volunteer to help at every event where the church has a need. They strive to be the best husbands and wives. They strive to be the best servants. They are the best of the best.

These men could execute.

The Benjamites knew these 700 men were the go-to men for a battle. Can you imagine 700 men using their slingshots to take out the enemy? They could take down large numbers of the enemy from a distance. Christians need to be dead on target like these men. Christians need to keep their word and promises! Christians need to set high goals and seek to accomplish them. Christians need to take ownership in the church program and make sure things get done. They were focused on their target, and they hit it every time.

These men are an example.

These left-handed men are an example to us. They are an example of excellence in desire and deed. They are an example of men who did not accept weakness as an excuse for being the best that they could be. They are an example of true success: men who did not miss. They are an example of not being easily offended. I am sure they heard their share of criticisms and mockery. Yet, they practiced and worked hard at being the best at hurling the sling. They are an example of how one should earn respect. They are an example of being so good at what they did that they were in constant demand. They were men who were always dead on target.

Are you someone who has accepted mediocrity and weakness as your standard for living? Consider these men of Benjamin, and be someone who strives to be dead on target for the Lord!

Have a inspired God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Romans 8-10

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