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Exam Time

Today’s Verse:

Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. ~Psalm 26:2


Do you have an annual physical exam? If you do, you know that this is preventive medicine for your health and longevity. The doctor will examine your heart, lungs, digestion, kidneys, musculoskeletal system, eyes, ears, mouth, and feet and order a number of diagnostic tests. These exams are critical in preventing and detecting serious changes that can occur in our health. The goal in a thorough physical exam is to help promote and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Spiritually, we must give attention to voluntarily having God do an examination of our spiritual condition so that our spiritual lives are able to live at peak performance.

We see the prayer.

The psalmist prayed and requested the Lord to examine the depths of his spiritual life. This is a humble prayer. It takes much humility to ask God to search us and tell us what He sees within us. Most of us have such a high opinion of who we are that we neglect the necessity of calling on God to examine us. This is an honest prayer. He asked God to prove and try him. He asked God to put him through fiery trials to bring out what was really in him. This was a healthy prayer. If we desire to be peak performers in our service, a prayer of examination is similar to making an appointment with your doctor for a physical exam.

We see the probing.

“Prove me; try my reins and my heart.” In physical exams, the doctor listens, looks, and tests for things that we do not have the skill set to detect. The doctor gets past the external, or the skin, and is looking for early signs of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other organ failures. He asks us questions that must be answered truthfully and without sugarcoating. Tests and trials are God’s process for stopping sin in our life. They are God’s proven means to rid us of spiritual diseases such as anger, bitterness, complaining, and laziness. They are God’s means of drawing us closer to Him in fellowship and of conforming us to His image.

We see the priority.

Our spiritual health is critically important to God and, likewise, to us. A spiritual exam will help us discover why our praying has not moved the hand of God. It might reveal to us the reason why we have been powerless in our service. It might reveal what sin has poisoned us and needs to be treated by His Word. It brings tears to our eyes and softness to our hearts so that our fellowship with Him is sweet and close. Spiritual exams are a practice that we must submit ourselves to frequently for our safekeeping.

We see the product.

A spiritually-healthy life is a life that is useful and productive. It is a life that walks in the Spirit. It is a life of much prayer and much power. It is a life that rejoices. It encourages others around us and promotes a spiritually-healthy life with those who watch us. A spiritually-healthy life is a life that pleases God!

Take time this morning to humbly pray and ask God to examine you. It is the best thing we can do to rid our lives of things that could be spiritually hindering us.

Have a healthy God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Lamentations 3:37-5

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