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Fast Feet

Today's Verse:

Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth. ~Proverbs 19:2


Runners who are fast are called people with fast feet. Boxers who can move around with quickness are called people with fast feet. Martial arts fighters who deliver lightning-quick kicks are called people with fast feet. Our Scripture this morning speaks of someone who hasteth with his feet. The context is dealing with being impulsive and negligent in our actions, decision making, and our words. This morning, we see a caution concerning being hasty with our feet.

We see a far-reaching message.

We are given a warning against being impulsive. Being impulsive is when we act without the proper facts. It is when we live in the flesh and not in the Spirit. It is when we speak out of order. It is when we obey the impulse of our flesh over the leading of the Holy Spirit. Solomon said for the soul to be without knowledge is not good. To neglect our soul life is a terrible thing. Our daily emphasis must be the building up of our spiritual life. We must give ourselves to the reading, memorizing, and studying of God’s Word. We must seek to know the mind of God in all matters. As Baptists, we should always be asking, "What does the Bible say about this?" We must guard against hasting with our feet or being impulsive.

We see the frequent methods.

We can be neglectful and impulsive when we react adversely to something that another person says against us. We might react by saying something equally harsh to get even. We can be neglectful and impulsive by making a decision on a matter that may require more prayer and spiritual counsel. Many people make choices of college, career, job, and marriage without considering the mind of God. Young people hasten with their feet by ignoring the counsel of their pastor and the Word of God. We act in our own judgment, self-interest, and pride. If we have an uncontrolled anger problem, we tend to hasten with our feet. If we tend to gossip, we hasten with our feet. Peter was someone who often spoke before he thought about what he was going to say.

We see the favored management.

First, God is never in a hurry. Always seek God’s mind on every matter. Second, get the facts before you react. It is better to respond and not react to other people. Third, walk by faith and not by sight. Faith is believing what God says and acting in obedience to His Word. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put our trust in men. Fourth, be swift to hear and slow to speak. Fifth, live a Spirit-filled life. He is our spiritual Guide and Help. God never steers us into wrong places or wrong decisions. Make your spiritual life your highest priority. It is not good that the soul be without knowledge.

Don’t let your feet take you where God does not want you to go! Hasty feet resulted in Eve eating the forbidden fruit. Hasty feet led to Samson giving into his fleshly lusts. Hasty feet led to Peter making decisions in the flesh that he did not back up in the Spirit. Hasty feet led to Elijah running from Jezebel’s threats. Hasty feet led to Jonah running from God’s will because he thought he knew better than God. Slow down, and let God lead you in the path that you should go.

Have a Spirit-led God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Psalm 51-57

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