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Flex Your Meekness

(Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.) ~Numbers 12:3


What an astounding statement that God made about Moses. His life testified of being the meekest man in all the earth during his time. Meekness is humility, perseverance, patience, and tenderness of heart all wrapped together. Moses took criticism in stride. He endured the murmuring and constant complaining of the Israelites. He interceded for God to be merciful to them over and over again. He prayed for them in spite of being treated with jealousy, malice, and spitefulness. Meekness is a true characteristic of a mature Christian. All of us need a reminder of the necessity of meekness in our lives.

There is the fundamental of meekness.

Christians are admonished to put on meekness. Meekness is the spirit by which we are to give an answer to every man that asks us a reason of the hope that is within us. We are to receive the Word of God with meekness: that is, with a teachable heart. Our speech to one another should be embellished with meekness. We are to speak evil of no man and showing meekness to all. Pastors are to instruct erring Christians with meekness. Backslidden Christians are to be restored in the spirit of meekness. In short, all of our dealings with other people are to be done in the spirit of meekness.

There is the fruit of meekness.

Meekness is part of the fruit of the Spirit. It is the evidence of a life that is Spirit-controlled and Spirit-filled. Meekness is a characteristic of spiritual wisdom. Meekness is the means by which God guides and teaches us. A believer walking in meekness is someone who has his temper under control, is not easily offended, is reasonable, has the right words with difficult people, and is desirable to deal with. A person who excels in meekness is someone who has a life immersed in God’s Word and spends much time in prayer. The fruit of meekness is both loving and lasting.

There is the favor in meekness.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Those who are victorious in meekness possess great joy in the Lord and are easily satisfied. God gives honor to those who have meekness. The greatest of spiritual leaders are not leaders who dominate, but are those, like Moses and David, who are lowly in their own eyes. Meek people are servants who have a lasting following. Meek people are sought out for encouragement.

How is your meek disposition? Do you find yourself impatient and short with people? Do you feel like people rub you in the wrong way? Is God’s Word changing your life? Are people attracted to you because you seek to serve them? Meekness is an area that we overlook and ignore. It’s time that we work on maturing in meekness and allow the Lord to be glorified in this area.

Have a meekness-controlled God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: John 19-21

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