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Fruit that Remains

Today's Verse:

The elder unto the wellbeloved Gaius, whom I love in the truth. ~3 John 1


Sometimes, new believers try to get their heads wrapped around the difference between the Gospel of John and the Epistles of John. Many times, we recommend that new believers start the good practice of Bible reading by reading the Epistles of John because of their simplicity and richness. In 3 John, the Apostle John writes to a favored believer at the church of Ephesus by the name of Gaius. This man Gaius is an exciting example of what the Lord Jesus Christ calls in John 15:16 fruit that remains. He exemplifies a believer and church member who continued to thrive after believing on Jesus as his Savior.

We see the position of Gaius.

Gaius accepted the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ died for his sins, rose again from the dead, and was the only way for the forgiveness of his sins and to Heaven. John refers to “the truth that is in thee.” Gaius started the Christian life rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel is truth. It is the only means by which a condemned sinner can be saved from his sins and be on his way to Heaven. Gaius was firmly settled in his faith in Christ. As in his day, we must today distinguish between true and false believers by means of the truth.

We see the prayer for Gaius.

John prayed for Gaius. I am thankful for many people who pray for me. I have a very extensive list of people within my church and outside of my church whom I pray for regularly. John prayed, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." John prayed for Gaius' soul health. Proverbs says that for the soul to be without knowledge is not good. He prayed that Gaius would prosper spiritually and physically. We must pray for the spiritual health of those whom God has placed in our life. We must pray that they stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

We see the passion in Gaius.

Gaius had a strong passion for the spiritual and physical welfare of other believers, especially for strangers whom he cared for. He excelled in entertaining the brethren and strangers who came to his city. He had a reputation of being the brother who greatly cared for others. John described what he did as “thy charity before the church.” He was a “first responder” in the church. He gave of his means to the needs of the church. The word "charity" is translated from the Greek word "agape," which we also translate as God’s unconditional love. Gaius loved the church, its members, its servants, missionaries, and those who passed his way. He loved the brethren! By the way, the greatness of his passion for others was reciprocated back to him. Gaius is referred to as the well-beloved Gaius!

We see the practices of Gaius.

He was a man who excelled in walking in the truth. First, he believed what the Bible said. I think many believers agree on what the Bible says but have yet to really believe what the Bible says. When we really believe a doctrinal truth, we allow this truth to change us. What you believe determines how you behave. What you unequivocally accept determines your actions. What you believe about doctrine determines your duty. Gaius was a source of joy to John because his testimony was so consistent and faithful to God’s Word. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

We see the priority in Gaius.

The name Gaius is translated “lord.” However, his life testified that Jesus was Lord! Those in whom the truth is firmly embedded do not have a problem with submission to the Lordship of Christ. No wonder he is an example of fruit that remains.

Are you fruit that remains? Are you abounding in fruit for the Lord? Are you helping to develop others around you who will be fruit that remains?

Have a fruitful God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Psalm 58-65

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