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Good Counsel

Today's Verse:

Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out. ~Proverbs 20:5


When I enrolled from a private school into a public school in 9th grade, I was introduced to my 9th grade counselor. This counselor was the person whom I was to see and consult with regarding what classes to take, my academic strengths and weaknesses, and guidance for my educational pathway. I was blessed to find out that my counselor was a born-again Christian and a woman of great virtue. The society that we live in promotes the usage of counseling for problems. The Bible, on the other hand, promotes the importance of counsel for every area of life.  This morning, let us see the importance of good counsel.


There is the excellence of counsel.

Counsel is wisdom and insight that we seek from people who are spiritual and capable of giving us the best advice. Good counsel should be from spiritual men who walk with God and know the Word of God. Good counsel is able to discern right from wrong. It examines a situation to see truth versus non-truth. It is able to see down the road for the best outcome. Good counsel is needed for marriage, career or work selection, people associations, and handling matters that are beyond our maturity. Good counsel will keep you from sin. Good counsel will keep you from making a risky decision when you are not sure what to do. Good counsel might save someone’s life. There is the excellence of counsel.


There is the experience in counsel.

With good counsel comes experience. The person whom we are seeking counsel from should be someone prudent in matters. They have already learned from the same mistake. They have seen a similar situation with the similar facts. They have seen the end result of people who have listened and people who have not. Experienced counsel is designed to show us the big picture so we are able to see risks that we would not have otherwise seen. Experienced counsel is not counsel that shoots from the hip. It is proven counsel that helps us to avoid making a bad decision or to not miss making a good decision. There is the experience in counsel.


There is the extremity of counsel.

Good counsel is located in the heart of a wise man. It is compared to deep waters. Most of us are afraid of deep water. We must be humble and willing to go deep into the heart of a man of good counsel. A man of good counsel will not take you deep into his heart unless you desire to go there. Deep water can be choppy and rough. Good counsel does not tell us what we want to hear: it tells us what we need to hear. Good counsel does not rise to the surface. We must venture out towards it. A wise man does not utter his entire mind; only a fool does that. A wise man has much treasure deep within his heart. Good counsel is found in the heart of a wise man. There is the extremity of counsel.


There is the extraction of counsel.

A man of understanding will draw it out. First, you must clearly explain your situation. Second, you must ask the right questions. Third, you must accept that what you desire and what is right for you could be two different things. Fourth, you must show sincerity and faithfulness in following through with the counsel you are given. Counsel has to be drawn out. It takes work, multiple meetings, a teachable spirit, and a determination to do what is right.


What kind of counsel are you getting? What people or sources are shaping your convictions and beliefs? Are you getting experienced counsel, or are you someone who thinks you are the fountain of all knowledge? Make sure you get good counsel!


Have a prudent God Morning!


Bible Reading Schedule: Exodus 22-24

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