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Head to Toes

Today’s Verse:

And being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured it on his head. ~Mark 14:3


One of the most beautiful and striking images from Scripture is Mary of Bethany pouring ointment from an alabaster box on the head of Jesus. The entire content of the box (worth an entire year’s wages) was lovingly poured on Jesus and flowed from His head to His toes. Mary’s act is a beautiful picture of the care and concern God’s people are to have towards Christ’s body, the church.

We see the adoration.

Mary’s act was one of worship and adoration towards His body. Our adoration through His church should be uninhibited. Mary was not restrained or doubtful in what she did. Loving the church is also loving His body. Our adoration through His church should be unashamed. Mary was unashamed to demonstrate, before many people, her love for Him. Our worship of Christ demonstrates our love for His body. Like a healthy immune system, the corporate worship of Christ is healthy and strengthening for His body.

We see the altruism.

Mary’s act was one of giving to His body. When we tithe and give offerings above our tithe, we are giving to His body. When we give of our time in serving at church, this is loving His body. Giving must be selfless. It’s not about us, but about our Lord’s church. Giving must be silent. If we make a big show about our giving, this is showing off and not honoring to our Lord. Giving must be sacrificial. There are times when we give of our best and our abundance. That’s what Mary did when she poured the ointment ton His head. She poured all of it on Him.

We see the activity.

After the ointment flowed down His body and came to His feet, she kneeled down and wiped His feet with her hair. We must be humble to His body. What Mary did should stir us about the humility expected of us in our actions. We must give glory to His body. A woman’s hair is her glory. The attitude we must have is that we will glorify our Lord with our best or our all. It might offend the people watching, but the Lord is the final Judge of these things. It might embarrass some who live for vain glory, but when we care for His body, our goal is to give Him glory.

We see the asking.

When she broke the alabaster box open, the odor filled the house. This pictures two things about our care for His body. First, we must pray for the members of His body. Our praying should lift up every member of the body and be like incense in the nostrils of God. Second, we should be broken in our heart for the needs of the body. If the body is hurt in any way, it should break our heart. If the body is suffering in any way, it should break our heart. If the body is neglected or despised in any way, it should break us. Pray for the church, that it is holy, healthy, helpful, and healed.

Do you care for His body? Maybe, this morning, you need a fresh perspective on caring for His body from head to toe!

Have a church-centric God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: 1 Chronicles 22-24

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