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Help Wanted

Today’s Verse:

And I intreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellowlabourers, whose names are in the book of life. ~Philippians 4:3


Back in the day, the corner grocery stores, dry cleaners, family-owned restaurants, and other storefront businesses would advertise for workers by putting up a “help wanted” sign. That was an invitation for someone with minimal skills to apply for a job. In our devotion this morning, Paul was requesting of someone he referred to as a true yokefellow that his help was wanted.

We see the reputation.

The word yokefellow describes someone who is united in association with another in marriage, business, labor, study, or the like. It is a term that describes a close comrade, consort, colleague, or partner. A yokefellow had something very special in common with another person. In the context of the passage, the yokefellow referred to a born-again believer who shared a strong tie with other believers in the proclamation of the gospel. It had the idea of someone who passionately gave himself to promoting the gospel message. Everywhere Paul ministered, God raised up true yokefellow who were very valuable in helping him in the work. As a yokefellow, we identify ourselves as someone who comes alongside of others who preach the gospel.

We see the request.

The church at Philippi had matured to the point where there were women who were vibrant gospel witnesses. I think Lydia and the young woman who was delivered from demonic control in Acts 16 were among these women. Paul describes these women as having labored with him in the gospel. They were like ladies in our church who give out gospel tracts at every opportunity, witness wherever they go, and invite people to church for every service. Paul was thankful for these women who had a passionate love for Christ and His gospel. He literally begged his “true yokefellow” to help those women. His desire was that just as the yokefellow came to his side to help him, even so, they would come to the side of these women.

We see the reach.

Paul realized that the yokefellow had a reach that extended further than just a few. Paul encouraged these true yokefellow to also come alongside of his friend Clement and other fellow laborers. In application, all of us can be a true yokefellow with the gospel. We can do this by supporting the organized soulwinning outreach of our church. We can do this by participating in Faith Promise Missions support of our church planters and missionaries on foreign soil. We can do this by being in the background and praying for our soulwinners when they go out. Instead of the responsibility of bearing the precious seed of God’s Word being left to a few, all of us can be a dependable and trustworthy yokefellow! Sometimes, it is just being the silent partner that bolsters the faith of the other soulwinner.

Yes, your help is wanted! Your help is wanted to witness and reach the lost with the gospel. Your help is wanted in expanding the reach of the church. Your help is wanted in praying daily for the gospel to be communicated and given to more people. Be a true yokefellow: someone who closely comes to the side of those who are giving themselves as gospel witnesses.

Have a helpful God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Luke 17-18

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