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  • Alan Fong

Helping Hands

Today’s Verse:

For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth. ~Psalm 71:5

Most of us deposit money into a bank without much fear of loss. Banks insure our money up to a certain amount through the FDIC. There is an implied trust that we have in the banking institution that the money we have deposited is safe and secure. Many people keep their money with a mainline bank for most of their lifetime because they feel a sense of reliability in the size, strength, and leadership of that bank. David said that God was his trust from his youth. He made that statement when he was a much older man. This morning, let us consider the importance of unwavering trust.

There is the essential in trust.

Trust is the starting point in our relationship with God. Trust is when we place our complete confidence and reliance upon God. We trust in Him for our salvation. We trust in Him for our daily walk. We trust in Him for doing His will. We trust in Him in every area of our life. As someone has said, “Trusting God is letting go and letting God.” Trusting implies we lean not unto our own understanding, but in all our ways we acknowledge God, and He will direct our path.