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How to Reverse Aging

Today’s Verse:

My flesh and my skin hath he made old; he hath broken my bones. ~Lamentations 3:4


Are you feeling the effects of aging? Aging is when we are getting older. As we attain a new age, we realize that there are activities and things we did when we were younger that now are more difficult. We have more aches and pains. We get injured more quickly. Parts of our body wear out. We are not as fast. If we do not keep up an exercise regimen, our physical strength and endurance diminishes. There is physical aging, but there is also spiritual aging. Let us see how spiritual aging can be reversed.

We see the eventual.

Spiritual aging is unavoidable. In Lamentations 3:4, aging is attributed to sin. Look at someone who lives a hard life of drinking, drugging, immoral indulgences, and other excesses. A sinful lifestyle will age you physically and spiritually. Aging is attributed to suffering. Anything you are anxious and worried about over a long period of time eventually takes years off your life. Aging is attributed to sorrow. Grieving the loss of a loved one will lead to aging. When we live in the vacuum of tears, sadness, and much crying, we are aging our life in every way. Please note that spiritual aging is when our circumstances have ownership of our life and we are in a state of decline.

We see the effects.

When spiritual aging is attributed to sin, suffering, or sorrow, there is a myriad of effects. Our service for the Lord is on a decline to the point that we are no longer serving. We want time away from serving the Lord. Our zeal for the Lord diminishes. We lose our compassion, excitement, the shout, the amen, and the steadfastness that we once had. We become forgetful and remember less and less how good God has been to us. We forget about the goodness of God in our life and the good decisions we have made. Our spiritual activity lessens to the point that there is little to no praying, Bible reading, and witnessing. Our time at the altar is lessened or gone. Spiritual aging takes away our zeal, our joy, our determination, our faith, and our desire.

We see the elixir.

Spiritual aging can be reversed! The cure, or elixir, is renewal in the Lord. Paul tells us that though our outward man may perish, our inner man is renewed day by day. God said in Isaiah that our youth can be renewed like the eagle’s. God said, “They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength.” Waiting upon God is diligent time spent with God in His Word and in prayer. Waiting is when we are dependent upon God and not upon ourselves or other people. Caleb reversed the effects of aging through focus and vision. He patiently waited over 40 years for the day when he would acquire his land inheritance. At age 80, he still had the fight inside of him.

Don’t be a victim of premature aging. Be a Christian who has a desire to conquer things. Have a vision for your family and future. Stay involved in the local church. Memorize Scripture and spend time in prayer. Stop stressing over things you can’t do, and, instead, trust God for everything in your life. Be an encouragement to other people by serving them, through soulwinning, and by avoiding strife. Let God lead you step by step each day. Yes, spiritual aging can be reversed, but it’s a choice that you must make.

Have a renewed God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Lamentations 1-2

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