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I am the Lord

Today’s Verse

Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, I am the LORD your God. ~Leviticus 18:2


Words that recur in a book of the Bible, in a chapter, or in a verse are given to get our full attention. In the book of Leviticus, the dogmatic phrase “I am the LORD your God” is used 45 times. The use of this phrase underscores and emphasizes the preeminence of God’s holiness in our life.

We see the explanation.

“I am the LORD your God.” First, it refers to our redemption. God has redeemed, or bought, us out of sin through the precious, shed blood of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We have been bought with a price. Second, it refers to our relationship. We have a personal relationship with the God Who made us. God comes to us, but we also can come to Him. We call the Lord “Abba, Father.” Third, it refers to our responsibility. We have a responsibility to live in reverence and obedience to the Lord in His Word. “Ye shall do my judgments, and keep mine ordinances, to walk therein: I am the LORD your God” (Leviticus 18:4). Fourth, it refers to our regulation. Leviticus teaches us that we must regulate our lives in accordance to what is right and pleases God. There are things permissible and things not permissible. There is clean and unclean. God said, “I am the LORD your God.”

We see the exercise.

God carefully shows us how to demonstrate that the Lord is God in our life. We are to avoid idolatry. God calls out all forms of idolatry. We are to avoid immorality. God calls out all forms of immorality, including that which is unnatural and perverted. God’s people are to be clean, decent, pure, and holy. We are to avoid all intemperateness, including covetousness, stinginess, and hoarding. We are to avoid all forms of impiety, including swearing and taking the name of the Lord in vain. We are to avoid all forms of impoliteness, imprudence, and ill will towards all people. God said, “I am the LORD your God.”

We see the exaltation.

Our submission to God should reflect that we live for the glory of God. Our testimony should be a shining light to the darkness around us. Our life should reflect godliness and make the unsaved thirsty for God’s grace in their lives. What God told Israel to do was so opposite of and different from the culture of the day. Instead of culture dictating our belief and behavior, consecration and character are to be the driving factors. Is God glorified through your choices and decisions? Do your marriage and parenting reflect that the Lord is God? Does the way you handle conflicts and difficult people reflect hostility or holiness?

“I am the LORD your God” is a sobering statement of fact. We are to be ruled by and in submission to the Lordship of Christ in all matters. We must resign our stubbornness, pride, and self-will to His sovereign will. We must love each day with reality that we serve the living God, Whose holiness fills the whole earth. Let it be known that the Lord is your God.

Have a God-glorying God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Leviticus 26-27

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