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I Will Not Bow

Today’s Verse:

Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him. ~1 Kings 19:18


There is an old cliché that says, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” This statement has always been an encouragement to compromise to convenience. Whenever there is compromise, something important is given up for convenience. Compromise is when we change our belief to make it fit what others do or want. Someone who really believes in something will have the conviction that he will hold tight to that conviction, even if it means his death. This morning, we see the Lord’s statement to Elijah that he was not the only one taking a stand for God. There were many others who said, “I will not bow.”

We see a discouraged minister.

Elijah was a servant of God who was greatly discouraged. He let his discouragement get the best of him. He lost his desire to eat, serve, and discern. He isolated himself from all people contact and found his way in a mountain cave, where he sought to hide. We must guard our hearts from discouragement. Thankfully, God did not give up on Elijah. It was at Elijah’s most critical moment that the still, small voice of God came to him. If you are discouraged, listen to the still, small voice of God. It was at that moment God asked Elijah what he was doing there. That’s a good question. What are you doing in the place of discouragement? God confronts us no matter how we feel or how far away we are.

We see a devoted minority.

God told Elijah that He left Himself seven thousand prophets who did not bow the knee to Baal. Elijah needed to know that there were others, albeit a minority, who still were steadfast and did not bow. Sometimes, in our state of self-pity, we think we are the only one standing. Thank God that seven thousand were standing strong. God knew who they were and saw them as faithful. Whenever we live out our biblical convictions, we can be assured that there are others like us who will not bow. It is important that you decide today Whom you will serve. Decide what you believe. Believe all of God’s Word. Then, decide that you will not bend to the gods of this world, the pressures to conform, and the desire for the favor of man more than the favor of God. We might be a small minority of believers who will stand, but we are not alone.

We see a dynamic mandate.

There are two closing thoughts about Elijah and his reenlistment. First, keep focused on serving God and taking a stand for Him. Don’t wander away, looking for a hideout. Stay involved, serving the Lord with all your heart. Second, we must stay focused on praying for and mentoring other men who will have the same convictions. God wanted Elijah to know that the work of God continues on, no matter what. However, we must be mentoring men who will share the same dreams, ideas, and convictions. God’s servants never retire, but, instead, need to be refired. God’s servants must replicate men who will have a fundamental faith, fire, and convictions.

Don’t bow to pressure. Don’t bow to conformity. Don’t bow to covetousness and fame. Don’t be easily discouraged and succumb to the devil’s suggestions. Be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

Have a steadfast God Morning!

Bible Reading: John 19-21

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