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In God We Trust

Today’s Verse:

For the LORD shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken. ~Proverbs 3:26


On the back of the dollar bill are the words “In God We Trust.” These words describe the complete faith that our forefathers had in God as they fought against the evil tyranny of Britain. The days of the American Revolution were filled with numerous uncertainties and setbacks. Had it not been for the faith and confidence that our early forefathers had in God, they, no doubt, would have given up and become prisoners again to tyranny. Confidence describes the source in which our faith lies. We are victorious because, without question, the Lord is our confidence.

Let God be your confidence when difficulties arise.

Job said, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.” The older we get, the more troubles we seem to have. Difficulties cannot be planned for. There are health failures, job losses, loved ones who pass away, and financial challenges. Difficulties will either drive us to God or from God. Difficulties will bring the best or worst out of us. When difficulties come our way, we must be sure that the Lord is our confidence. Our employer might fail us, but God never fails us. Our health may fail us, but God never fails us. Our finances might fail us, but God never fails us. Put your confidence in the Lord when difficulties arise.

Let God be your confidence when defection occurs.

One of the hardest realities in life is when someone you love departs and breaks fellowship with you. This happens in marriages when infidelity occurs. This happens when your children are overly rebellious and leave you as the prodigal son did to his father. This happens in churches when brothers and sisters in Christ allow bitterness or a wrongly perceived action or word to hurt them and they decide that they should leave the church. Defections make us second guess other people and even ourselves. When a defection occurs, the Lord must be our confidence. Such unmovable confidence keeps us from developing bitterness ourselves or having a jaded feeling towards the one who hurt us. Our confidence in the Lord during such times enables us to see things more clearly and trust Him for a right outcome.

Let God be your confidence when disappointments hurt you.

Life is not only filled with difficulties but also with disappointments. Disappointments can lead us to react in the wrong way. Wrong reactions lead to decisions in the wrong direction. We must be careful that disappointments do not cause us to change our doctrine, our devotion, or our duty. Disappointments can make us suspicious of people and not be able to trust them again. When disappointments occur, we must be sure that our confidence is in the Lord. We are promised that He will keep our foot from being taken.

The psalmist said that it is better to put your trust in the Lord than to put your trust in man. That’s real confidence! Don’t let your emotions, your perceptions, or past hurts morph your character. Place your confidence in the Lord and know that He will sustain you during every season of life.

Have a confidence-filled God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Isaiah 1-4

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