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Is There Not a Cause?

Today’s Verse

And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause? ~ 1 Samuel 17:29


A preacher sat on an airplane, many years ago, and realized that seated next to him was the famous basketball coach of a major East Coast university. In fact, this coach had the most winning seasons of his day. The preacher asked the coach what he was planning to do after he retired. The coach sadly said, “I think I will just pack up my things and die.” This coach had lost his desire and purpose in life. David asked, “Is there not a cause?” Let us see the importance of having a cause.

We see the identification.

A cause is something that we are very passionate about. It is something that we live and breathe to do. We give our waking moments to a cause. We dream about a cause in our sleep. A cause is a calling from God. A cause is a vision that we must execute. A cause is something we give all of ourselves to. A cause is the care and success of our family. A cause is the advancement of the gospel around the world through the start of local churches. A cause is the highest priority of what we give ourselves to. Do you have a cause?

We see the inspiration.

A cause stirs us up. A cause is the fire of God in our bosom. When you are driven to a cause, you do not quit. When you are driven to a cause, you will get things done. When you are driven by a cause, “no” is not an acceptable answer. You might be knocked down, but you get right back up. When Paul was stoned, he got right back up and continued to serve the Lord. When Jesus had been wounded very badly from scourging, He despised the shame and went all the way in dying on the cross for us. Are you inspired by a cause?

We see the implementation.

We must have faith that our cause will succeed. Of course, our faith must be in God. We must have courage in our cause. The cause we pursue can be daunting and much bigger than the resources we have on hand, but we must courageously pursue it and be unafraid. We must have a strategy for the cause. A strategy is a plan of action on how we will prayerfully and methodically accomplish it. David’s strategy involved five smooth stones and a sling. David took aim at the one vulnerable spot of the giant. He aimed high and hit the giant on his first and only swing. The goal was to topple and defeat the giant, and he got it done.

We see the impact.

David’s cause impacted the lives of the men of Israel. These men had a renewed sense of hope, faith, courage, and purpose. The men of Israel rallied to and around David. His cause also made his adversaries retreat and realize that he was unafraid of them. A cause does more than benefit the holder of the cause. A cause instills determination, passion, and zeal in those who need to be led.

Is there not a cause? Live your life with the realization that there is something important you must accomplish. Live and die with a cause as your driver, motivator, and purpose in life. May the cause you live for exalt and promote our Lord.

Have a passionate God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Revelation 9-12

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