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  • Alan Fong

It's Time to Go!

Today’s Verse:

And the Spirit bade me go with them, nothing doubting… ~Acts 11:12

Whenever I travel with other people, I am a strict adherent to staying on schedule so not to miss our transportation or be late to our event. As we approach within fifteen minutes of our departure I remind everyone traveling with me, “It’s time to go!” In Acts 11, Peter was rehearsing to the church leaders at Jerusalem how the Lord opened the door for Gentiles to hear the gospel and be saved. It is a remarkable story of God’s mighty hand working through Peter and several other men. A key element in this story is our devotional verse this morning. Peter said, “And the Spirit bade me go with them, nothing doubting.” This morning let us consider the importance of knowing and obeying the Spirit’s leading in our lives.

We see a specific REVELATION.

Peter was praying when God spoke to him in a vision of doing something that would take him out of his comfort zone. What God wanted Peter to do was so important, He repeated this vision three times. In preparing us for something God wants us to do, He always precedes it with a specific revelation. The revelatio