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It's Your Serve!

Today’s Verse:

Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles. ~Isaiah 42:1


In tennis, a serve is when a player starts the match with the first hit of the tennis ball towards his opponent. It is a term that indicates that it is your opportunity to show your opponent what you are capable of doing. The player serving the tennis ball wants to put as much power and spin on it as possible to force his opponent to fail. When it’s time to serve, you want to put your very best behind it. Our devotion centers this morning on the model servant, our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Scripture provides us an exhortation on how to serve like Jesus. This morning, “It’s your serve!”

The model servant is one who is appointed.

Jesus is called “my servant…mine elect.” The matter of election indicates we have been chosen for a purpose. We have been saved to serve the Lord! We have been saved to make a difference with our lives. We serve the Lord through our works and our worship.

The model servant is one who is approved.

“My servant in whom my soul delighteth.” God places His seal of approval upon us to serve Him. Can you imagine anything that could be better than serving the Lord? The Lord places His approval upon us because of the work we are to do. He approves of us as we please Him through fervent and undivided service.

The model servant is one who is appreciated.

“My servant whom I uphold.” The Lord is not unrighteous to forget our work and labor of love for Him. He gives us the satisfaction that comes from serving Him. He gives us the insight we need in serving Him. He gives us the unction we need to serve Him. A servant of the Lord is never left to fail!

The model servant is one who is anointed.

“My servant in whom I have put my spirit upon.” “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord.” We must have the Spirit’s power and anointing upon us to serve Him. The anointing is the game changer. The anointing is the freshness we need for each day, each message, and each endeavor. The anointing is the difference between a successful servant and mediocre servant. The anointing is the energizing we need to get the job done.

The model servant is one who is on assignment.

“He shall bring forth my judgment to the Gentiles.” Our assignment is to take the gospel to the four corners of the world, to the uttermost parts of the world, and to every nation. Our assignment above all else is to let the light of the glorious gospel of Christ shine brightly on everyone who is dwelling in darkness. Our assignment never changes: it is the same one that Jesus gave to the apostles that has been handed down to us.

The model servant is one who is abounding.

“He shall not fail nor be discouraged.” He does not quit easily. He does not take “no” for an answer. He might be knocked down or set back, but he gets right back up. He might hit a foul ball, or miss a swing at the ball. However, he will neither fail nor be discouraged.

How’s your serve doing? Are you making an effort? Are you putting your entire effort behind what you are doing? Are you pleasing Him who has called you to serve Him? It’s your serve!

Have a service-centric God morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Acts 1-3

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