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Joseph’s One Shot

Today’s Verse:

When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who also himself was Jesus' disciple: ~Matthew 27:57


Basketball is a sport that is filled with much tension and drama. Sometimes, the game can be decided by one shot. The Golden State Warriors played the Oklahoma City Thunder. The game was tied. The Warriors' star player, Stephen Curry, was given the ball on the Warriors' possession. He made a three-point shot from 38 feet away and amazingly made the basket, and the Warriors won the game. Curry only had one shot to win the game, and he made the most of it. Whatever else that he did in that game will not be remembered as much as that incredible basket that he made. Our devotion this morning is about a man who had one shot at doing something spectacular, and he made the most of it.

There is his description.

His name is Joseph of Arimathaea. He is referred to as an honorable counselor and a good man. If anything good is said about you, words like “good” and “honorable” are very blessed descriptions. He was held in high respect by his peers, his society, and those whom he did business with. This description tells us that he was polite, personable, and above reproach. Unlike many of his peers who were of the religious elite and were considered hypocrites, Joseph was a genuine and sincere man.

There is his devotion.

We are told that he was a disciple of Jesus. This identified him with the doctrine of Jesus, the deity of Jesus, and the death of Jesus. At first, he was an obscure disciple. He was afraid to let others know about his faith. However, the death of Jesus so affected his faith that he came forward and made it known that he was a disciple. After Jesus gave up the ghost, Joseph went to Pontius Pilate and greatly desired His body. This amounted to a public announcement of Joseph’s devotion to the Lord Jesus. He realized that not many of the disciples were present when Jesus died. Joseph made a decision to make it known that he was a disciple regardless of the cost.

There is his donation.

He was a rich man. He was well-to-do. Jesus needed a burial place, or else the Romans would have thrown His body into the Valley of Gehenna along with the bodies of dead criminals to be burned. Joseph had hewn a tomb out of the side of a mountain. This was a tomb that he designated for his own burial one day. It had never been used. It was still new. Without any reservation, Joseph gave this tomb for the proper burial of the body of Jesus. His act was one of faith. There was a need, and Joseph responded. He gave away a very expensive piece of real estate. His act was one of foresight. I believe that Joseph knew about the resurrection prophecy. I believe that he expected Jesus to rise bodily from the tomb. His act was one of favor. He wanted to give something to Jesus that was never used and that would be a memorial for the glory of God. Joseph gave to Jesus something that he did not expect to get back.

There is his duplication.

Joseph’s act is one that is to be duplicated. God is looking for Josephs who will step out in faith and give something away for God to use. Joseph gave away a very expensive piece of real estate. It is a landmark today for people to visit as a testimonial of Jesus' deity and resurrection power. Joseph had one shot at being a blessing, and he made the winning basket. If all you had was one opportunity in life to do something big for God, would you take advantage of it? Don’t blow the one-shot opportunity that God might bring your way!

Have a winning God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Deuteronomy 21-23

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