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Just Say No!

Today’s Verse:

And Naboth said to Ahab, The LORD forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee. ~1 Kings 21:3


Years ago, a strong anti-drug theme was promoted on billboards, in magazines, and on television commercials. It targeted the audience that was under twenty-one years of age. The theme was entitled, “Just say no!” It emphasized that when a person was being pressured to take drugs, the immediate response should be, “No!” Our devotion this morning is about a little-known Bible character who told King Ahab no when he was approached about giving up his land. This morning, let us see the importance of saying no when we are pressured to sin.

There is the source of pressure.

Satan, the world, and the flesh are ongoing sources of pressure in our life. These pressure sources seek to weaken, water down, and defeat our faith. They want us to compromise what we believe. Naboth had land that was passed down to him. Land received by inheritance was to stay in the family. It was a right of inheritance. Ahab tried to entice him that he would give him a better vineyard. The devil wants you to believe that he has something better for you than what God gives. Naboth was feeling the pressure to sell and give up what was passed down to him. Let us remember that the faith passed down to us from our Baptist forefathers came to us at great cost. Our doctrine and our standards are not to be traded. The sacrificial death of Christ on the cross is not to be traded. Biblical methods for reaching people with the gospel are not to be traded. The pressure will always be there: don’t trade your inheritance.

There is the suffering from pressure.

Taking a stand against the pressure that you face will cost you. Naboth was besmirched, defamed, and brought to public shame. He was treated unfairly. He was sued, brought before a court of law, and found guilty of a law that he never broken! Naboth wound up being stoned for his stand. He died a martyr’s death because he would not give in to the pressure. His land was stolen from him. There will be suffering when you are under pressure. Be prepared for people who will turn on you. Be prepared for lies that will be spread about you. Be prepared for losses that you might incur. There is suffering from pressure.

There is the steadfastness against pressure.

We must not miss the key thought about Naboth and the pressure that he felt. “The LORD forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee.” Naboth said no! He thought about the fact that this land was passed down and entrusted to him. He thought about the fact that he would have nothing to pass down to the next generation if he traded his inheritance. He thought about the present and future generations and the impact that his decision would have on them. He thought about how God would be dishonored by a bad decision on this matter. Naboth was steadfast: he said no! He relied on God to help him be steadfast. He set his face like a flint and remained steadfast. He was not being stubborn: he was being steadfast. He was not being stupid: he was being steadfast. He showed that he had resolve and principle about the inheritance of his fathers.

Don’t give in to pressure! We will face pressures from family, fame, fortune, and fantasy. The Lord forbid! Stay calm, convinced, and committed when pressure comes.

Have a steadfast God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: John 1-2

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