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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas, greet you. ~Colossians 4:14


Choosing a good doctor is critical to one’s personal health. You want a doctor who is extremely competent, caring, conscientious, confidential, and connected. A good doctor is your advocate for good health. This morning, we want to consider a man who is called "the beloved physician." His name is Luke.

Let us consider Luke and his conversion.

Luke was a professional man. He was very well-educated and attained the accomplishment of becoming a physician, someone who cared for the health needs of others. However, what stood out about Luke was not his occupation as much as it was his faith. He was a believer in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Somewhere between the time when Jesus began His ministry and the early days of the local church, Luke placed his faith and trust in Jesus for his eternal security. From that moment, he became a follower of the Lord Jesus and was proud to be called a disciple of Jesus. No matter whom we are, true faith begins with accepting the Lord Jesus as Savior, and from there, living for God.

Let us consider Luke and his companionship.

He became a companion of the Apostle Paul, beginning with Paul’s second missionary journey. He included himself as one of Paul’s companions beginning at Philippi. He was mainly in the background, but his fellowship was appreciated. He was one of Paul’s prayer warriors. He did the detail work so that Paul and Silas could focus on the preaching of the gospel. He was dependable and reliable. It could be that he gave of his personal funds to help the missionary team when funds ran low. He may have used his contacts to help encourage Paul in getting the mind of God on the cities that he would preach the gospel in. He was considered one of Paul’s most trusted friends in the ministry. Your fellowship and friendship to other Christians, especially to your spiritual leaders, is more appreciated than you will ever know.

Let us consider Luke and his contribution.

Luke’s faithfulness resulted in God honoring him as one of the writers of the gospels and the Book of Acts. The Gospel of Luke does a masterful job of giving us a record of the life of the Lord Jesus as the Son of Man. The record of Jesus' miracles, teachings, and ministry are given to us in power and excitement. The Book of Acts gives a vivid account of the growth of the local church beginning at Jerusalem and fanning out from there across the world. His details concerning Paul’s unfolding ministry have given much inspiration for messages on the life of Paul. His writings are part of the holy canon of Scripture and inspire us to live for God and attempt great things for Him.

Let us consider Luke and his consumption.

Luke was a man who loved the Lord! It might be inferred that he grew to such spiritual maturity that he lived out the spiritual virtue of agape love in his life. He loved the Lord, and he loved people. He was consumed with knowing Jesus and glorifying Him in whatever he did. Yes, he was a doctor by occupation, but he was a disciple of Christ by passion.

Don’t waste your life! Determine how you can make a great contribution to the lives of others by living for Jesus and finding what it is that God would have you do for Him!

Have a faithful God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Psalm 103-105

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