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Keep Your Guard Up

Today’s Verse:

And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: ~Genesis 9:20


In self-defense, a student is taught the importance of keeping his guard up. This means to keep one hand and arm at a certain level to quickly deflect or block a jab or punch that is aimed at the head. Keeping your guard up is also used to describe being careful and watchful when you are in negotiations or dealing with someone who is not trustworthy. We also see this applies when we enter a different season of life.

We see Noah and his calling.

Noah is referred to as a just man and perfect in his generation, Genesis 6:9. He was a saved man who lived for God in spite of the wickedness of the world he lived in. His world was very sinful and came under the condemnation of God. Noah was a preacher of righteousness, 2 Peter 2:5. In addition to constructing a massive ark according to the specifications God gave him, he was an evangelist and preacher to the people of his world. He preached to them about the coming judgment. He pointed people to the ark he was building and that it was the only means of escape from the judgment by flood. As a preacher of righteousness he declared the truth and showed people the way to God. A calling as a preacher is from the Lord and is always lifetime in duration.

We see Noah and his conservation.

The day came when God told Noah and his family to enter the ark and then, the door was shut. Those who entered were safe, but those who did not missed their opportunity and perished in the flood. After several months of floating on the water, the waters eventually subsided and the ark settled on dry ground. Noah was preserved from disaster! When he walked out of the ark on dry ground, he and his family were rejoicing in God’s mercies towards them, and in the opportunity of a new start. Just like Noah, God saves us and gives us a new start. After we get saved, we are building a new life that is to be grounded in Christ. Noah had the ground-floor opportunity of influencing a new generation of people for the Lord.

We see Noah and his carelessness.

“And Noah began to be a husbandman, and he planted a vineyard.” Noah made a career change! He went from being a preacher to becoming a husbandman. He became a grower of grapes and builder of vineyards. There is nothing wrong in itself of being a husbandman and planting a vineyard. However, Noah was first & foremost a preacher of righteousness. Noah may have felt that his work as a preacher was over, and he wanted to pursue a pastime that he would enjoy. However, Noah let his guard down! “And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent” (Genesis 6:10). Noah took of the grapes, tread them in the winepress, and produced juice that would eventually ferment and become wine. Noah may not have realized that fermented grape juice is an intoxicating beverage. As a result, he kept drinking and became inebriated and immodest. His carelessness hurt his testimony and the downfall of one of his sons.

Noah is remembered as a man of faith, righteousness, and the builder of the ark. However, the last mention of him in Genesis 9 is a sobering reminder of the danger of being careless in our calling and in our consecration. We must not allow our hobbies or side ventures to distract us from our responsibilities to God. Keep your guard up, and avoid the danger of being careless!

Have a guarded God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Deuteronomy 8-10

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