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Lessons from a Water Bottle

Today’s Verse:

And the water was spent in the bottle, and she cast the child under one of the shrubs. ~Genesis 21:15


The bottled water business is very big business all over the world. Having the availability of water that has been filtered and is clean is a concern for many of us. These days, in order to save on costs and avoid recycling, many people have bought water bottle containers that can be repeatedly refilled, keep the water at a constant temperature, and prevent the water from being affected by the sun or harmful chemicals from plastic. This morning, we see a touching story about a water bottle that has a lesson for us.

We see the woman.

Hagar was the Egyptian slave woman who was also the mother of Ishmael through Abraham. Thirteen years after Ishmael was born, Sarah miraculously gave birth to Isaac. Everyone in Abraham’s household gave recognition to the incredible miracle birth. However, Ishmael mocked the birth of Isaac. This infuriated Sarah, who demanded of Abraham to kick Hagar and her son out. “Cast out this bondwoman and her son.” Hagar once again felt dejection, rejection, and great anxiety. Even though she tried her best to avoid confrontation with Sarah, it happened, and she was a homeless person again.

We see a wilderness.

Abraham gave her bread and a bottle of water that she strapped to her shoulder, and he sent her and Ishmael away. With a heavy and broken heart, she departed and was wandering in the wilderness of Beersheba. The wilderness is always a picture of barrenness, desolation, and great trial. It is the wilderness times of life when we experience the languishing, loneliness, and loss of direction for our life. It is in the wilderness that we realize how vulnerable we are. We wander about, going nowhere and accomplishing nothing. We walk in circles, seeing nothing but sand, shrubs, and a barren landscape.

We see the water.

Hagar only had enough water for, perhaps, a day or so. We are told that the water was spent in the bottle. It was used up! She and Ishmael took their last drop of water, and it was spent, or all used up! She hit rock bottom emotionally and gave up all hope. She thought that she and Ishmael would die of thirst and dehydration. The water bottle is a lesson on how we depend on our reasoning, survival tactics, and human wisdom to try to solve problems in our life. It’s not until the water is spent in our bottle that we realize that we are empty, depleted, and at the end of our life. Are you at a place where the water has been spent in your bottle?

We see a well.

However, God showed His love for Hagar. Just as she was about to give up all hope, the Lord encouraged her by opening her eyes so that she could see a well of water. She joyfully went to that well and filled the bottle with water. Jesus is the well of water for us. He is our fountain of living waters. When we drink of the water that He gives, we never thirst again. Hagar put her trust in things, people, and her conniving. It wasn’t until the water was spent that she realized she always needed God to take care of her. Stop getting your water from broken cisterns that cannot satisfy. Stop drinking the contaminated water of this world. Stop filling the water bottle of your life with water that cannot satisfy. Jesus is our well that never runs dry. He is the water that quenches the thirsting in our soul. The bottle is still good: go to Jesus for your water. Let Him be the water of your salvation, your sufficiency, and your satisfaction.

Have a water-satisfying God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: 1Kings 10-11

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