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Little but Dangerous

Today’s Verse:

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. ~Song of Solomon 2:15


We sometimes discount how something little can become something big. Recently, the Northern California area was devastated by numerous fires in different regions that burned up hundreds of thousands of acres of land. It was a costly fire taking many properties and lives. All of these fires started small before they became blazing infernos. Cancer is a terrible disease. All cancers start out as small aberrant cells that must be caught with early detection, or else they can become full-blown cancer issues. This morning, we are looking at “The little foxes, that spoil the vines.” We are looking at things that are little but dangerous.

We see a delicate PRODUCE.

“For our vines have tender grapes.” We see a vineyard that has been carefully cultivated and cared for. The diligent care has yielded a delicate produce of tender grapes. The grapes are ready for harvesting. This metaphor pictures for us the precious results of a spiritual life that is abiding in Christ. In John 15:1-8, we have the Lord Jesus teaching the necessity of a close and intimate walk with Him as the essential to a spiritual life that is powerful and productive. We cannot be successful apart from abiding in Him. When our fellowship with Christ is close and unhindered, we are able to bear fruit, more fruit, and much fruit. We are caretakers of the vineyard of our life, and should make it our goal to bring forth fruit that remains. Our Lord is greatly pleased with a life that is beautifully producing tender grapes.

We see a dangerous PROBLEM.

We are cautioned about the little foxes that spoil the vines. Foxes are sly and stealthy creatures. They steal and attack when we are least suspecting. Foxes do not care about vines that have no grapes. However, as tender grapes begin to grow and take formation, the fragrance in the air and the change in climate tell the foxes that a treat is available. Little foxes are a picture of the little sins and vices that can eat up our lives and leave us in a bad condition. Little sins become big sins. Covetousness leads to lust, which leads to theft, which also leads to adultery. Little anger leads to wrath, which can lead to revenge and murder. Little sins destroy our testimony. Little sins ruin our credibility. Little sins can disrupt our fellowship with the Lord. Like little foxes, little sins appear harmless and slowly nibble away at the tender grapes in our lives.

We see a determined PRACTICE.

“Take us the foxes.” It’s not enough to scare the foxes away. They eventually come back. We must take or capture them. We must deal with our sins head-on. First, we confess and forsake them. We must lay aside the weights and sins which easily beset us. Second, die to self each day. Third, we must build fences around our heart and desires that make it difficult for the foxes to enter in. Fourth, we must be vigilant in watching and caring for our vineyard and grapes. Fifth, we must make our daily priority to abide in Christ. If we are casual about our walk with the Lord, we become casual about the care we exercise about our grapes. Don’t let the little sins control your life: take the foxes or little sins, and with God’s help, deal with them.

Little foxes might look cute, but they are really dangerous. Let’s safeguard our spiritual lives from destructive sins, attitudes, and habits. Let’s maintain a life that yields tender grapes.

Have a protected God Morning!

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