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Little Foxes

Today’s Verse:

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. ~Song of Solomon 2:15


This year has been a great season for grapes. The harvest this past year has yielded grapes that have been juicy, sweet, and crunchy when you bite into them. Grape growers must be very happy in the success of this year’s crops. The growing, protecting, and harvesting of grapes is work that requires much attention and care. Our text this morning is a caution from an expert grape grower. From experience, he refers to the little foxes that were spoiling the young, tender grapes growing on his grapevines. There is a powerful lesson for us about foxes and tender grapes.

We see the succulent fruit.

“Our vines have tender grapes.” These are grapes that have sprouted but still need time to grow a little more before they are picked. They are small, tender, and succulent. Tender grapes are symbolic of the early indicators of spiritual growth. These might include the excited interest in reading God’s Word, learning to pray, witnessing to people, and attending church. Tender grapes are symbolic of the fruit of the Spirit and the spiritual product of a believer who sincerely desires to be used by God. Our life should be giving evidence of new, tender, and viable fruit. Our life should be adding new value and producing blessings in the lives of other people.

We see the stealthy foxes.

“Take us the foxes, the little foxes.” Little foxes look cute, but they are predators. They plunder grapevines and tender grapes. They can ravage a chicken’s nest. Little foxes are stealthy and look for the right opportunity to steal for their own benefit. They do not care about how much damage they cause. Little foxes are the little sins that accumulate in our life. They are sins that we disregard as being hurtful and that eventually cause great damage. Little lies ruin your credibility. A little gossip can ruin a reputation. Little praying will result in little to no power. Little effort results in nothing completed. Little concern results in sinners never getting saved. Little fruit is the evidence of a barren life. A little lust will result in sinful thoughts. We must be careful of the little foxes. Little foxes spoil the vine. They can result in our lifeline being cut off.

We see the circumspect fortification.

“Take us....” We must be circumspect and vigilant. We must take into account the little foxes that we have allowed to enter in and are ruining our life. We must eradicate those little foxes that have been stealing our tender grapes. We must fortify the walls in our life to keep the little foxes from entering in. We must plug up the holes. We must make the walls higher. We must inspect the walls daily to be sure no gaps are present and no digging from underneath has occurred. We must enter our watchtower and be sure the little foxes are not trying to get in. We must not look at them and think that they are cute.

Watch your grapevines and tender grapes. The little foxes are also watching. Keep your vineyard clear and clean of the little foxes that spoil the vine.

Have a vigilant God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Luke 8-9

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