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Little, Yet Wise

Today's Verse:

The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer; ~Proverbs 30:25


Ants can be such a nuisance. Typically after the winter rains and when Spring is starting, the ants start coming out of the ground and entering into homes to find food and water. Food left out is an open invitation for a major ant invasion. Eradicating ants is our one desire when our home is invaded. On the other hand, the ant is referred to twice in Scripture as an incredible role model. This morning, our attention is called upon to consider the ant for its discipline and foresight.


There is the outlook in foresight.

Foresight is when we look ahead into the future. It is making preparation against an eventual event. It is a parent setting aside funds to help fund their child’s education past high school. It is a young, working adult wisely saving and investing for the eventual day in which he will have to retire and have enough set aside to fund his retirement needs. It is a young person seizing the potential of their youth and giving his life in full-time service to the Lord. It is a person who realizes that he is a sinner on the way to Hell and by faith accepting the shed blood and death of Christ as payment for his sin. It is looking ahead and preventing the risk of disaster from occurring.


There is the organization in foresight.

"The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in summer." The ant is a very small insect. To a human, they are small, weak-looking, and unassuming. However, they are among the most intelligent and well-organized species that God has created. They diligently use the spring, summer, and fall months to collect a massive food supply to feed their colony throughout the winter. They have carefully calculated their colony size and the food needed to meet their need. They structure their bands for this accumulation. They work steadily by the clock. They see opportunity awaiting them every day. They work when we are sleeping, and they do not stop until the season changes. They present to us a well-organized species that takes very good care of their own. How many of us as Christians wait and procrastinate to do the right things in life? How many of us waste our opportunities that God gives us?


There is the outcome in foresight.

The ant always has sufficient meat for winter. They never run short because they have prudently planned their accumulation need. The ant is a picture of a successful outcome. Many people never plan to fail: they just fail to plan. The ant is always successful. Interruptions to their activity do not hinder them from the main goal. They keep moving and working. When winter sets in, they are well-supplied against the hardships of winter. Other species might have to scrounge around, but not the ant. How many Christians are failing to send ahead for eternity when they will face the Lord Jesus at the Bema Seat Judgment and will have a failed account of their works for the Lord?


There is the overview in foresight.

Foresight is a vital necessity if we want to live life to its fullest, be continuously fruitful, and glorify God. Foresight takes vision, a plan, hard work, and constant assessment. It means we have to concentrate and not be wasteful. It means we have to work as a team and not seek vain glory. Consider the ant and how it prepares its meat in the summer.


Have a well-planned God Morning!


Bible Reading Schedule: Leviticus 16-18

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