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More Salt Please!

Today’s Verse:

Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned? ~Luke 14:34


If you are like me, you like to eat food that is well-seasoned. One of my preacher friends tends to pour considerable amounts of salt on all of his food. The food could be very balanced in my opinion as to salt and flavor content, but he will still add additional amounts of salt to enhance the flavor. His motto at every meal might be, “More salt, please”. This morning, there is a cry for “More salt, please!” That is, for more Christians to have a permeating influence for Christ wherever God has placed us.

There is the popularity of salt.

Salt is good. We need salt in our diet. Salt is needed to transform what would otherwise be bland and tasteless that which would be tasty and delicious. Salt is good for snowy roads. Salt helps make driving over snow less slippery. Salt is good as a preservative. Until refrigeration was invented, people salted their meats to preserve them. Salt helps to slow down the aging and corruption process in meat. There is much in our daily life that salt is good for. Salt is a necessity for life. In a similar way, this world is deathly in need of Christians as the salt of the earth. Take away the Christian, and there is no salt: no influence or testimony for the Lord.

There is the permeation of salt.

Salt, when it is applied, permeates the substance it has been poured upon. It changes something bland into something tasty. Imagine hamburger and fries without salt. Imagine a good dish of pasta without salt. Salt enhances flavor through the permeation process. Christians are to permeate society as salt permeates food. We are to bring enhancement and “flavor” into the lives of the people God has placed us.

There is the pollution of salt.

Jesus spoke about salt that lost its savor. How does salt lose its flavor? This occurs when it is comingled with other elements. The other elements will dilute the impact of salt. The other elements can sometimes pollute the salt. Thus, polluted or diluted salt loses its savor and seasoning effect. Jesus says that “it is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill.” In other words, it has become good for nothing. It is to be cast out. When the testimony of a Christen has been polluted by sin, his effectiveness for Christ is lessened or even defeated.

There is the propaganda of salt.

Let’s spread the salt! Let’s pass the salt around! Let’s touch everyone we are in contact with the salt of our lives. Let’s add salt by encouraging others. Let’s add salt by doing deeds of kindness. Let’s add salt by passing out tracts and witnessing of our faith. Let’s add salt by helping to pray for and support missionaries on foreign soil. Let’s add salt by increasing our involvement in our community. Let’s get the salt in as many places as we can.

How effective is your salt? Is your salt enhancing the lives of others? Perhaps the cry of the people around us is, “More salt, please!” Determine today to be a salty Christian!

Have a glorifying God morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: John 19-21

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