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No More Curse

Today’s Verse:

And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him: ~Revelation 22:3


Revelation 21-22 provides us with a colorful glimpse of what life in Heaven and eternity will be like. Of the many wonderful things we are told about life in eternity, we are told there will be no more curse. A curse is the pronouncement of evil and terrible trouble upon someone or something. This morning we want to rejoice in the coming prospect of a place where there is no more curse.

There is the fallout of the curse.

When sin entered the world, the curse of sin came with it. For the world, the animal kingdom became one of fear and survival. The seasons brought weather extremes including natural disasters that would bring frequent havoc. For mankind, it meant aging, disease, and ultimately death. The curse of sin defiled the perfection of creation. Heartache and sorrow are the aftermath of Adam’s sin.

There is the freedom from the curse.

After death and Hell are judged and condemned to the Lake of Fire for eternity, God creates a new heaven a new earth. In eternity there is no more sin, no more death, no more pain, no more sickness, no more sorrow and no more curse. Troubles are over! Heartaches are ended! Hatred is no longer present! The curse has been overthrown and removed. How wonderful it will be to have our glorified bodies and dwell in Heaven worshipping God for all eternity. Only then will there be the freedom from the curse.

There is the fate of the curse.

In the midst of heaven is the throne of God and of the Lamb. All the redeemed through the ages are serving God for all eternity. God reigns supreme. There is never a need for another sacrifice for sin. The Lamb of God who took away our sin reigns victorious! There is no possibility of the curse returning. There is no place for the curse in the glory of the new heaven and earth. The curse is behind us! The curse is defeated! The curse is forgotten! Hallelujah!

We are reminded to be faithful in spite of the curse.

Keep the commandments of God. Keep serving the Lord with diligence and fervency. Look diligently for the coming of the Lord. Remember the words of Paul when he said, “But thanks be unto God which giveth us the victory through Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Rejoice this morning that the curse will be no more! Rejoice in the prospect of a new Heaven and new earth where our God reigns supremely! Rejoice in the prospect of serving the Lord for all eternity!

Have a blessed God morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Lamentations 1-2

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