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Not By Chance

Today’s Verse:

All my state shall Tychicus declare unto you, who is a beloved brother, and a faithful minister and fellowservant in the Lord: ~Colossians 4:7


As Christians, we do not believe in chance, luck, or fortune. People will sometimes say after an event, “As fate would have it….” We believe that God, in His foreknowledge, knows what the future holds and, by His providence, works all things together for our good. We might think something is bad, but God works all things out for our good and His glory. Tychicus means “fortuitous” or “chance.” However, he was divinely placed by God into Paul’s life and was an awesome blessing to him. God did not place Tychicus where he was by chance: he was in Paul’s life by divine appointment.

We see the sibling.

He is called a beloved brother. He had the rare characteristic of loving and being lovable. Paul took delight in the friendship and ministry of Tychicus. He was a role model of brotherly love. He was loved by Paul and by everyone that came into his life. We are called to exercise unfeigned love of the brethren. Our love for one another is to be without dissimulation. We are given Tychicus as a model of brotherly love so that we love other believers with hearts that are pure and free of hypocrisy.

We see the substitute.

“All my state shall Tychicus declare unto you….” Paul sent Tychicus to represent him. First, he was to give an accurate report about Paul’s condition. Second, he was to see how the believers at Colossae were doing and then, to minister to them as Paul would. Paul had a complete confidence and trust in Tychicus that he would be an encourager to his friends at Colossae. To represent a spiritual leader well requires utmost fidelity.

We see the servant.

He is referred to as a faithful minister and a fellowservant. First, the Greek word for minister is diakonos, which means a servant. It is the word used for deacon. He was blameless and fervent as he served the Lord. Second, servant is the Greek word doulos, which means a bondslave. When I combine both descriptions, Tychicus served the Lord and others out of a heart of true, authentic love. He served without pay or pretense. Paul considered Tychicus as a man who identified with his heart and was in the same trenches, giving Jesus his best.

We see the steadfast.

I think it is important to note that Tychicus is referred to as being faithful in this verse as well as in Ephesians 6:21. He was steadfast, unwavering, and loyal as a servant of the Lord. Paul looked diligently for men who were dependable, faithful, and steadfast to serve with him. He knew that men who show any possibility of wavering were a jeopardy to the ministry. Servants of the Lord must be faithful in their speech, doctrine, spirit, spirituality, and service. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Faithful is being steadfast and unmovable.

We see the sympathizer.

Paul sent him to comfort the church at Colossae. A true comforter must come alongside of others just as the Holy Ghost does in our life. He is able to lift the burdens, cheer the hearts, and infuse joy. Tychicus was God’s gift to Paul and those whom Paul sent him to. He was not in Paul’s life by luck or chance. He was there because God knew that he would complement and support Paul’s ministry. Are you a Tychicus Christian?

Have a faithful God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Isaiah 49-53

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