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Passionate Service

Today’s Verse:

Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; ~Romans 12:11


Do you love what you do? Someone has said, “Find what you enjoy doing, and you will never work another day in your life.” Someone else has said, “We make a living by what we earn; we make a life by who we invest in.” Romans 12:11 is a word of exhortation on how we can serve the Lord and others with passion.

We see the diligent industrious.

“Not slothful in business.” Slothfulness occurs when we do not see what we do as being a blessing to someone else. Slothful people waste time, lack a plan of action, and tend to give the bare minimum in getting things done. No great inventions ever came by way of a slothful person. Slothfulness leads to apathy and an indifference towards assignments. Being slothful leads to weeds and nettles growing over land. Passionate service demands that we have a strong desire to work and in getting things done.

We see a dynamic ignition.

“Fervent in spirit.” This description depicts someone who puts 200% into whatever he does. He embodies the verse: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” A fervent spirit is on time. A fervent spirit strives to be ahead. A fervent spirit does more than others. A fervent spirit looks for ways to do things better. A fervent spirit does things right. A fervent spirit does the right things. A fervent spirit takes others with them and helps them to see the value of working with a zealous attitude. A fervent spirit is a can-do attitude. Paul said that we should be always zealously affected in a thing. Ninety-nine percent of anything great that is accomplished can trace its success to attitude.

We see the deserving individual.

“Serving the Lord.” The fact that we are serving the Lord changes everything. There is an eternal perspective about serving the Lord. How we serve the Lord affects us in the matter of future reward. If our motive is not right, we are building with wood, hay, and stubble that will burn up at the Judgment Seat of Christ. There is a present perspective about serving the Lord. Serving the Lord helps us to have joy in serving Jesus. Serving the Lord requires that whatever we do, we do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks unto God. Serving the Lord demands that there is gladness. Serving the Lord demands that we precede our service with prayer. Serving the Lord should affect other people in a positive way. Serving the Lord demands that we give more than our best.

Being passionate about serving the Lord should always be our goal. If you are lackluster about what you do, despise the area that you serve in, or feel like you are in a dead end, it might be time to revisit Romans 12:11 and adjust your attitude about service. Get recharged about where the Lord has placed you. Remember that serving the Lord is a privilege and not a right. Be in your place and assume a revived spirit of enthusiasm about serving God and others.

Have a passionate God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Genesis 41-42

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