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Reviving the Gates

Today’s Verse:

The valley gate repaired Hanun, and the inhabitants of Zanoah; they built it, and set up the doors thereof, the locks thereof, and the bars thereof, and a thousand cubits on the wall unto the dung gate. ~Nehemiah 3:13


Yesterday, we began a three-part series on the gates of Jerusalem that had been burned with fire by Nebuchadnezzar. These gates were essential entry and exit points along the wall of Jerusalem and had significant meaning to every person who walked through them. They have significant meaning to us as we consider the essentials of the Christian life. This morning, we are looking at the rebuilding of the valley gate, the dung gate, and the gate of the fountain.

We see the VALLEY GATE.

This gate was at the southwestern part of the wall and faced the Hinnom Valley. Valleys in the Bible are symbolic of the trials we face. Trials are God-appointed seasons of difficulty and suffering. They are God’s means of growing us in our faith and dependence upon Him. They are essential times when we are out of logical answers, human resources, and earthly solutions. It is during these times we must wait on the Lord, pray with great earnestness, and have faith in Him. Valley times are painful. Valley times make us prayerful. Valley times are purging times. Valley times are when we experience God’s grace at work. They are when His strength is made perfect in our weakness. The valley gate must be restored if we are to understand and appreciate God’s grace at work in us.

We see the DUNG GATE.

“But the dung gate repaired Malchiah the son of Rechab, the ruler of part of Bethhaccerem; he built it, and set up the doors thereof, the locks thereof, and the bars thereof.” The dung gate was at the southeastern end of the wall and led into the Hinnom Valley. It was at this area of the valley that garbage, refuse, and the bodies of dead criminals were thrown for burning and disposal. It was a disposal site. There was a fire that was kept burning and active at this place. The dung gate was the one place where all refuse was taken out. It is a picture of the importance of dealing with sin in our life. We must confess and forsake our sins. We must be removed from a sinful lifestyle. Every day of our lives, we must search our hearts, confess, and forsake our sins in order to have a victorious Christian life. What sinful habits do you need to take out through the dung gate?


The fountain gate was very close to the water gate. Jesus said, “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.),” John 7:38-39. The fountain gate speaks of the filling of the Holy Spirit in every saved individual. When the Spirit has complete control over us, our life overflows with power from on high, effective influence with the people we minister to, and the fruit of the Spirit. Is the Spirit’s power and fruit overflowing in your life? Is your life a fountain of blessing to others who need Christ as Savior?

Here again are three essential gates that the enemy burned down, and that needed to be revived and restored. Let trials be a means for God to build us. Don’t allow sin to reign in your life. Let the Holy Spirit have complete control so that out of you flow rivers of living water.

Have a Spirit-controlled God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Leviticus 11-13

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