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Seeing What Others Cannot

Today’s Verse:

By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible. ~Hebrews 11:27


When I was a kid growing up, comic books advertised the power of x-ray glasses. These so called glasses would enable the user to see through curtains and coverings. This was a sham promotion used to generate sales. However, there was intrigue at the thought of being able to see what someone else could not see. Moses was a man who could see what others could not see. Moses was able to see the invisible. Moses teaches how faith in God enables us to see past our fears and see into the future.

There is the possibility in faith.

Moses saw Him Who is invisible. He saw that all things are possible to him that believes. He saw the people of God being delivered from bondage and claiming the land of promise. He saw a nation of slaves becoming a people of God. Faith is seeing the possibilities. It is seeing churches established where there are no churches. It is seeing broken families becoming restored families. It is seeing a hardened sinner become a saved man. It is seeing doors opened where doors were once closed. It is seeing God make a way where there was once no way.

There is the parting in faith.

He forsook Egypt. Faith demands our separation from the world. We must part ways with Egypt. Moses forsook Egypt. Demas forsook Paul having loved this present world, but Moses by faith forsook Egypt. We must forsake Egyptian lust. We must forsake the Egyptian lures. We must forsake Egyptian lies. Forsake means to abandon and leave behind. Say goodbye to the world! He determined that friendship with the world meant enmity with God. Faith cannot see the invisible unless we part with Egypt.

There is the protection in faith.

Moses did not fear the wrath of the king. Parting with Egypt meant he would be the enemy of Pharaoh. Parting with Egypt meant he would not have the resources of Egypt anymore. It meant Pharaoh would make him public enemy number one. How could he be fearless in the face of this? He had the protection of faith. Faith is our shield. It shields us from the fiery darts of the wicked one. Faith protects us from the wrath, the words, and the wickedness of the god of this world.

There is the perseverance in faith.

How did Moses survive? Faith enabled him to endure. He endured the hatred. He endured the desert heat. He endured the hardships. He endured hurtful words. He endured the murmuring. He endured the disloyalty. Faith enabled him to go on. It enabled him to keep seeing the possibilities. It enabled him to have strength every day.

Can you see the invisible? Are you able to endure the delays, the disappointments and discouragements along the way? Can you see the finish line? Faith is seeing the invisible!

Have a faith-inspired God morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Matthew 1-4

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