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Today’s Verse:

And Paul chose Silas, and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God. ~Acts 15:40


Of the many friends that the Apostle Paul had, Silas was a long-term friend whom he had complete faith and trust in. Silas became a part of Paul’s missionary team on the second missionary endeavor. To some, Silas might appear as an insignificant figure, but as I study the Book of Acts, he had a very significant role as Paul’s gospel cohort. This morning, we want to be encouraged from the life of Silas.

We see the impeccable of Silas.

The first thing that we see of Silas is that he was a man of impeccable character. He is introduced to us in Acts 15 when the church at Jerusalem sent him and Judas, along with Paul and Barnabas, to Antioch to encourage the Gentile believers there. Our introduction to him is that he was a man of excellent character. He was a chosen man. He met the qualifications of being blameless as a man of God. He was closely watched, and the apostles could say with confidence that Silas was chosen without reservation. He was a prophet of God’s Word. As a preacher, he knew that his words had no bearing on people if he did not practice what he preached. He also was noted as a man who hazarded his life for the Lord Jesus. He knew what it meant to be “all in” for Jesus. We do not see anything negative about this man’s character. He was impeccable.

We see the importance of Silas.

Silas became an integral part of Paul’s missionary team. He had courageous resolve just as Paul did. He took a secondary role to Paul so that the gospel could be preached. He stood by Paul’s side including during a difficult beating and imprisonment at Philippi. His attitude was, “If you can do it, so can I!” He encouraged Paul while on this journey. He preached with Paul while on this journey. He was persecuted with Paul while on this journey. Paul needed a man who could endure hardships, and Silas was that man. He lived up to the reputation that he hazarded his life for the Lord Jesus. Silas shared the same kind of spirit that Paul had and as things got rough on this second trip, that helped Paul immensely.

We see the impact of Silas.

Together with Paul, Silas made a viable impact in the Gentile world. They helped start six vibrant churches. These churches were strong, gospel-preaching churches of the first century. Together, they invigorated the spread of the gospel throughout Asia Minor. He and Timothy discipled and stabilized these new churches. His involvement gave Paul more time to do more for Christ. He impacted sinners to Christ! He inspired men to be called as preachers! He took a whipping and jail time for Jesus, and an entire family got saved! We give Paul the credit for the advancement of the gospel, but without Silas, he could not have achieved as many results as he did.

Pastors and churches need men who serve in a secondary role to help advance the cause of Christ. Like Silas, they fill in where needed, are sensitive to how they can be of help, and are all-weather friends. Let the life of Silas be a blessing to you this morning and inspire you to follow his example!

Have a servant-hearted God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Jeremiah 51-52

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