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Simple Simon

Today's Verse:

And beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding, ~Proverbs 7:7


As a child, I was taught many nursery rhymes. While being very cute and easy to learn, these rhymes often contained powerful truths about an aspect of life. One of these rhymes was entitled “Simple Simon.” This is a term that described a young man who was naïve, gullible, and easily deceived. This same term is still used to describe someone who can be preyed upon. This morning, we are considering the consequences of being someone who is easily deceived.

There are the marks of being naïve.

A person who is naïve completely lacks in experience, discernment, and good judgment. This is typically a person who is very trusting and is unable to discern that he is being tricked into something. Sometimes, a person is naïve because he has been overly sheltered from necessary facts of life. Sometimes, a person is naïve because of a lack of experience. Sometimes, a person is naïve because he lacks discernment between good and evil. Naïve people are taken advantage of spiritually, financially, morally, and legally. They are people whom criminals, and others with insincere motives, seek to corrupt, rob, and leave at a loss. In our passage this morning, the focus is on a young man who is naïve concerning lustful desires within him and how these desires get him into much trouble.

There is the mayhem from being naïve.

There is a terrible price to pay for being naïve, untrained, and undiscerning. A naïve person can become a victim of financial fraud. A naïve person can wind up in an illicit, immoral relationship that will endanger him with transmitted diseases, children out of wedlock, a broken marriage, and scandal. A naïve person can become soiled in reputation for making friends with someone who is known to be a liar, troublemaker, or advantage-taker. Being naïve can leave you with long-term scars that will haunt you. Being naïve will make you the constant target of unscrupulous people. It does not pay to be naïve.

There is the mandate against being naïve.

First, listen to the counsellors whom God has placed in your life. People like your parents, your pastor, and youth workers. Be attentive when God’s Word is preached. Biblical preaching is always filled with God’s wisdom. Second, search out whatever you are being encouraged to get into, and get all of the facts. Dr. John R. Rice used to say that all of Satan’s apples have worms in them. Third, discipline your desires. Realize that lustful desires are a battle that every person deals with. The best remedy when lust is aroused within you is to flee youthful lusts. Fourth, pray for

God to give you the wisdom that is from above. Don’t be impulsive in your decisions or words. Waiting and holding up many times never hurt anyone. Ask questions like: “Is this true?” “What risks are there?” “What does God have to say about the matter?” If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Be a wise and informed Christian. Know your weaknesses. Avoid being presumptuous about your strengths. Do not allow greed or evil desires to take control of you. Hearken to the voice of wisdom!

Have a prudent God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Genesis 27-29

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