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  • Alan Fong

Slaying Your Sihons

Today’s Verse:

And Sihon would not suffer Israel to pass through his border: but Sihon gathered all his people together, and went out against Israel into the wilderness: and he came to Jahaz, and fought against Israel. ~Numbers 21:23

What is the most gigantic problem you have ever faced? Whatever it may have been, it stood between you and success. This morning, let us see an incident that teaches us the importance of not letting the giants in our life from intimidating us or causing us to retreat. Let us see the importance of slaying our Sihons.

We see a request.

“Let me pass through thy land: we will not turn into the fields, or into the vineyards; we will not drink of the waters of the well: but we will go along by the king’s high way, until we be past thy borders.” Israel was making its journey through the wilderness. In its path was the land of the Amorites and King Sihon. Israel did not wish to provoke a fight, but to simply pass through their land. We must remember that even though there are enemies along our way, we are to be respectful and avoid being the ones who instigate conflict.