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Small but Steadfast

Today’s Verse:

I am small and despised: yet do not I forget thy precepts. ~Psalm 119:141


Psalm 119 is affectionately known as the Word of God Psalm. Every verse makes reference to God’s Word. Words such as testimonies, precepts, words, statutes, law, and commandments all give preeminence regarding God’s Word. In this psalm God’s Word is the salve for our hurt, the solution for our troubles, and the standard for our lives. This morning we want to be encouraged that when we feel so insignificant we can hope through the Word of God.

We see the rejection.

He speaks of being despised. Four times he refers to the righteousness of God: vs. 137, 138, 142, and 144. He was a believer who took a strong stand for the holiness of upright standards of God. He was a man who was truly separated to God. However, living for God cost him dearly. His society around him despised and rejected him. Whenever we stand with Jesus and for Jesus we must accept the fact that we will be despised. This world is no friend to God and His Holy Word. Those who stand with God are those who will be rejected.

We see the realization.

He says, “I am small.” In comparing himself to his society he realized he was vastly outnumbered. In comparing himself to his troubles and anguish he was small. He said, “trouble and anguish have taken hold on me.” In other words, he was overwhelmed and felt like the pressures would crush him. Do you feel like that sometimes? Do you feel like this today? That sense of being small leaves us with a sense of insecurity. It makes us think we are of no consideration. It discourages us to the point we feel like giving up and thinking there is no hope. He realized he was small. Beloved, we must realize how small we are before we realize how big God is!

We see the remembrance.

When you know you are rejected and you know the problems in your life are bigger than you, what do you do? The psalmist said, “yet do I not forget thy precepts.” He remembered the Word of God is forever. He remembered the Word of God is faithful! He remembered the Word of God was his fortress. He remembered the Word of God will not fail! It encouraged him in spite of his hurt. It exhorted him when he felt like quitting. It stirred him when the fire started to dim. It reinforced him when he started to lose focus. “Yet do I not forget thy precepts”!

What an encouragement for you and me! Make your dependence upon the Word of God your daily duty. Lean upon the promises. Obey every command. Heed every warning. Be faithful to proclaim it. Say like the psalmist did in vs. 140, “Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.” It will be your anchor during the storms of life. It will be your pillow at the midnight hour. It will be your stronghold when the enemy threatens. Yet do I not forget thy precept!

Have a steadfast God morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Genesis 31-33

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