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Sticks for the Fire

Today’s Verse:

And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand. ~Acts 28:3


Do you like to serve others? Are you someone who has a servant’s heart towards others? Our sinful nature prefers to be served than to serve. Our secular culture defines greatness based upon how many people are serving someone. On the other hand, the attitude of service that Jesus said that we should embody is, "How many people am I serving?" Today, we are encouraged to serve.

Servants are always willing.

Paul and other survivors of the shipwreck were cold and shivering upon their arrival to the shores of Melita. The people of Melita showed great kindness in making a fire so the survivors could warm themselves. Instead of being a bystander, Paul jumped right in and helped gather a bundle of sticks to place in the fire as well. Paul saw an opportunity to do something that would benefit others. Servants are ready to serve no matter what.

Servants are always working.

Paul decided to work and be a help to others. Good servants know that there is always something worthwhile to do. There is always a need to fill. There is always someone who needs to be cared for. There is always a project that needs completion. There is always something to clean. There is always someone with a need that is much larger than our own. There is always a church service to clean up afterwards. Servants stay busy and focused on working.

Servants are always wordless.

Servants don’t blow their trumpets so others can see what they are doing. Servants don’t complain about the load of work. Servants speak little and work diligently. They work in silence and make it their goal to get the job done without idling, complaining, or gossiping.

Servants sometimes get wounded.

A viper came out of the fire and latched itself onto Paul’s hand. You will be criticized for serving the Lord. You will be misunderstood while serving the Lord. You’ll be hurt while serving the Lord. The viper latched itself onto his hand. It wanted to disable him from what he was doing.

Servants are always withstanding.

Paul shook off the viper and was not hurt. He made the decision that the viper would not stay on him. Don’t allow defeat, discouragement, or the devil to hold you back. Shake them off, and keep serving! Setbacks will happen. Problems always come up when they are not expected. Other volunteers might not show up. Just shake it off, and keep going!

Don’t let your service fall into a slump. Be renewed as a servant of the Lord. Do more than others. Do tasks that others run from. Let your service be a blessing to God, others, and yourself!

Have a service-filled God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Judges 3-5

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