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Stirred or Stopped?

Today’s Verse:

One dieth in his full strength, being wholly at ease and quiet. ~Job 21:23


Do you ever get complacent? By this, I am referring to a disposition where you feel like everything is alright, and you do not feel like there is a need to take action or make any changes. Complacency, in one respect, can be good in that it describes someone who has attained a state of satisfaction. On the other hand, complacency also refers to being at such a state of ease that we are unsuspecting of problems that can be lurking. This morning, we are considering the question, “Are we stirred or stopped?”

We see the disease in ease.

Being at ease or complacent is the enemy of fervor and zeal. When we are at ease, we risk becoming indifferent to matters that we previously were zealous about. When we are complacent, we tend to pray less or not pray at all. When we are complacent, we allow our jobs, financial goals, and personal projects to take precedence over spiritual things. In Rev. 3:17, the Apostle John describes complacency as being rich and increased with goods, and having need of nothing. God told Hosea that being at ease in Zion was having a false sense of security about matters outside of her walls. There is no compulsion to do more, stay up late, exercise faith, and pray for an enlarged vision. We become careless, indifferent, and unmoved about the things that should stir us up.

We see the danger in ease.

When we are at ease, things eventually die. Job said, “One dieth in his full strength, being wholly at ease and quiet.” Complacency is a silent killer. We can be in our prime and still have much strength to do something great for God, but complacency can cut that short quickly. Being at ease will kill the spirit of worship in a church. Being at ease leads us to believe that we do not need to confess our sins to God. Being at ease will kill soulwinning, church planting, and a missions emphasis. Being at ease stifles and kills a giving spirit in a church. Being at ease will result in decreased church attendance, service for the Lord, and surrender to the calling of God. It is the sin that makes Jesus sick to the stomach. It is the sin that allows the devil to take up space in our lives. Being at ease can turn a fiery Christian into a feeble Christian. It can turn a passionate Christian into a pathetic Christian. Being at ease will kill your zeal for the Lord.

We see the directive for ease.

Just like an ill person sees a doctor for his health, we must realize that complacency has set in and see our Great Physician. We must let Him open our eyes so that we can see what has happened to us. We must awaken if He has sent a trial into our life to stir us up. We are not to remain at ease! We must confess our sin of complacency and get back to doing the former things. We must realign our schedules and get back to attending all the services, being a fervent witness for the Lord, staying involved in serving the Lord, and making sure our personal devotion time is transforming us daily.

There are seasons of time when it is proper for us to “come apart with the Lord” lest we come apart in our lives! However, we must subscribe to scheduling our days and weeks so that we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness in our life.

Are you at a place where you have stopped doing the things you used to do? Have you been at ease too long? Don’t let being at ease be the silent killer in your life! Awaken in your soul and let the Lord breathe life into the dried-up, old bones.

Have a revived God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Ezekiel 40-42

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