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Sweeter As the Years Go By

Today’s Verse:

And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you. ~Isaiah 46:4


Can you feel the effects of getting older? Hair color changing; muscles aching more; eating less and gaining more weight; hearing and vision not as good as when you were younger. Does the prospect of getting older frighten you? I’ve met a lot of people who once they passed 45, 50 and 60 became noticeably fearful about old age. This morning, we want to consider God’s promise to believers who remain faithful as they get older.

There is the onset of aging.

We must face the reality that we are getting older. As each year passes we physically change. We can slow down the effects of aging, but we cannot stop aging. Aging teaches us that we must guard our health and our relationships carefully. We must consider the big picture in life and savor the things that are most important. With aging comes the realization that we cannot turn back the clock and we must look forward to the days ahead of us.

There are the opportunities in aging.

Aging doesn’t mean we are to quit. As we get older we have an abundance of opportunities to be a blessing. We can be a mentor to younger people. We can volunteer more. We can help care for other people. We can share the gospel and help more people come to know Christ as Savior. We can go on missions trip and help missionaries on foreign soil. We can be part of a cleaning team in our church. We can travel and tour cities and beautiful countrysides. We can pray more. We have many opportunities that we should take advantage of.

There is the obligation in aging.

God promises to be at our side as we age. He said even to our gray hairs, He will carry us, bear us, and deliver us. God’s grace sustains us during times of grief. God’s strength is made perfect during our times of suffering. God’s enablement gets us through stressful seasons. Whatever it may be, God is close to our side as we get older. He gets sweeter as the days go by. He does not leave us nor forsake us. He builds our faith just like he built Abraham’s faith in his old age.

Don’t let getting older discourage you or slow you down! Take hold of God’s promise to sustain and carry you through. Get a renewed vision for your life and how to spend the rest of your days. If you are in the fourth quarter of life, do all that you can to make your days fulfilling. Spend more time in His presence and realize He gets sweeter as the days go by!

Have a fulfilling God morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Daniel 7-9

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