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The Blessing of Family

Today’s Verse:

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. ~Proverbs 31:28


The day after Thanksgiving is when we recover from our overindulgences of food and football games. We feast on our leftovers and jump on Black Friday sales for Christmas. However, it is also a time in which the spirit and heart of being thankful should still be manifest in our lives. Proverbs 31 is a tribute and testimonial about a virtuous woman. It includes the impact she has on her husband and children. It is fitting that we take a moment to thank and bless the Lord for our families and the positive impact family has on lives.

I am thankful for the GIFT of the family.

The family is God’s gift to each of us. A typical family is one where there is a father/husband, mother/wife, and the children of the home. In some cases, the grandparents might be living with the family as well. However, for the sake of today’s devotion we want to focus on the immediate members. Fathers and mothers have distinct roles as being leaders of the family and taking responsibility for the major functions. Dad and Mom make sure the bills are paid, shopping is done, food is on the table, and that cleaning and washing is done. In their roles, they provide security and stability for each family member. Our closest relationships in life are within our families. There is a trust and confidentiality that is inherent with families. The greatest aspect is the sense that family is the place where you know you are loved and are never turned away. Family is truly God’s gift to each of us.

I am thankful for the GUIDANCE of family.

The husband is to be the spiritual leader of the home. The wife helps set the spirit of the home. As husband and wife, the love that they have towards one another provides emotional balance, security, warmth, and acceptance. As father and mother, they demonstrate leadership, project management, respect of property, respect of authority, discipline, and fun time. Overseeing a family entails forethought, Biblical insight, much prayer, family devotion time, and one-on-one time with the children. The Bible instructs parents to “train up a child in the way in which he should go: that when he is old, he shall not depart from it.” Children cannot find their own way and succeed. They need their parents to influence their decision making, choices, and desires. They need their parents to motivate and inspire them. They need their parents to lead them to God and learn to develop a personal walk with God. As the saying goes, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

I am thankful for the GOALS of the family.

The goal of every family is to put God first in everything. Joshua said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” In putting God first, this means that Bible reading and memorization, prayer, church attendance, serving the Lord, problem solving, and decision making are centered on the Lord. The family is the place where we learn to develop a strong work ethic and accomplishment. The family is where we should be instilled about risk and reward, success, and failure. The family is where we are disciplined in will, spirit, and behavior. The family is not supposed to be independent individuals living under one roof doing their own thing. There must be dependence and a sense of responsibility for one another. The parents are to be concerned for the success of each other and the children. Siblings should be concerned for the success of one another and compensating for each other’s weaknesses. As a family, our goal is to be strong and committed to one another.

This morning, let us take time to thank the Lord for our families. Let us remember it is never too late to rebalance areas where we have gotten out of balance. I pray that each family member takes time to thank the Lord for each other.

Have a thankful God Morning!

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